Rocking Italian Scooter Deluxe

Rocking Italian Scooter Deluxe
(photos: Théatron Italian Art) Rocking Italian Scooter Deluxe | US$2,300.00 |

remember when you were a kid, a rocking horse was the thrill ride? now, don’t go expecting your kids to be thrilled by that ancient rocking pony cos’ they would probably prefer to rock your iPad more. however, you could keep the rocking tradition a wee bit non-traditional with the Rocking Italian Scooter Deluxe. yes. instead of a vintage horse, this one has a scooter that resembles the icon of our time, the Vespa and that rocking structure down there? it definitely look more sturdier than your childhood’s rocking horse. this one of the kind sit-on toy is completely handmade out from fiberglass, aluminum, and steel and features working lights and horn. we thought your kids would probably enjoy this rocking Italian ride and hopefully, in the process learn to appreciate this classic scooter. just remember to let your kids know that a real scooter don’t rock, they roll on two wheels. in case your kids don’t love it or outgrowth it eventually, at least you know that this piece of sit-on toy will still make quite an impressive interior decor item. the Rocking Italian Scooter Deluxe is a creation by Etsy seller, Théatron Italian Art and is available purchase for a cool $2,300 each.

Etsy via Bless This Stuff

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