Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

Forget about “regular” Rolls-Royce. If individuality and exclusivity as important as showing off how much money you have, then you ought to take a look at the Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre Shooting Brake.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

But don’t go digging around Rolls-Royce Motors website because, this ain’t the handiwork of British luxury marque. It is a custom work by Dutch-based custom car builder, Niels Van Roij Design.

Silver Spectre started its life as a Wraith. The spirit of the Wraith remains, but only before the A pillars. Anything after, are all custom job – from the single-piece carbon fiber composite roof to the elongated custom side glass and a lift gate.

Silver Spectre answers the question of “what if the Wraith is a shooting brake?” Personally, I think it looks pretty awesome. Not jaw-dropping by any means, but it sure felt like it is meant to be (a shooting brake).

Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

And it has the power to match the new found body (or partial body?). It is drive forth by a 6.6L V12 motor that now produces 700 horses and turns out 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque as opposed to the stock 624 HP and 605 lb-ft.

But I am sure you won’t pick this up for the power it possessed. Just look at the side profile. It’s super sleek.

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As expected, the interior is suitably luxuriously appointed. There are individual rear seats, fiber-optic starlight headliner that stretches to the rear, leather-lined rear compartment – just to point out a few.

The interior can be further individually kitted, but here’s the thing. If you want one, you ought to act it FAST. Because, the Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre Shooting Brake is strictly limited to just 7 examples worldwide.

Last check, seven units are definitely not enough go around for the 13 million millionaires or high-net-worth individual in the world.

Images: Niels Van Roij Design.

Source: Autoblog.