Room One Surface Wall-mounted Wireless Speaker is made of wood. You may ask, “whats the big deal?” It is true that nearly all good speakers are made of wood, but can you say your speaker has no grille or any visible cones that are generally the instrument of sound reproduction? I am sure you can’t, but that is really what the Room One Surface has and does not have. And, btw, the piece of curved wood you see there? It is not just any piece of wood; it is a piece of engineered wood responsible for transmitting sound with best sound dispersion possible.

Room One Surface Wall-mounted Wireless Speaker

So, yeah. That piece of wood is the speaker. No grill, no cones. There are transducers, though, that are used to create sound which resonates through the entire surface, effectively turning the curved and somewhat oblong disk into a speaker. Surface is designed to be wall-mounted and wireless audio transmission is via Bluetooth, so what’s left to recreate the minimalist look as advertised is to bury whatever power supply going into it within the wall. The wood, which are of layers of oak veneer, is sanded, colored and finished by hand and assembled in Room One’s London Studio.

Available in a choice of colors, including indigo, rust, and oak, priced at an up-market audio equipment norm sticker of £895, which is a little under $1,200 at the time of this writing.

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Room One Surface Wall-mounted Wireless Speaker

Room One Surface Wall-mounted Wireless Speaker

Room One Surface Wall-mounted Wireless Speaker

Images: Room One.

Room One via The Awesomer.

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