Super fan of free-to-play, MMORPG Diablo Immortal may want to harness your connection in Korea because over there, there is a super cool Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Diablo Immortal Edition. Trust me. If you are a mega fan of the game, this is the phone you want to get. Perhaps not for the phone but for the stuff that came with it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Diablo Immortal Edition

For starter, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Diablo Immortal Edition is presented in an exclusive wooden box in which you find a leather mousepad, a Blizzard-designed lenticular image card, a Diablo Immortal-themed phone case, a wireless charging pad, a Battlecoin coupon card, a map of the Diablo Immortal world of Sanctuary, a Spigen grip accessory, and of course, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra handset inside.

That’s a lot of stuff for any limited-edition gift box that should can any fan excited. But don’t get too excited yet. Because this was announced in early June and supposedly released on the 10th and it has a limited run of just 100 sets and so yeah, they are probably sold out.

Even if it hasn’t, which is highly impossible, you will only be able to get it from the South Korean cellular network carrier LG U Plus. If that’s not enough of a hurdle, in order secure one, consumers will have to enter a lucky draw to stand a chance to purchase the 1,669,000 won (around US$1,280 today) set.

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Why Samsung and Blizzard are doing this is beyond me. I understand it is to commemorate the release of Diablo Immortal. But only 100 sets and only in Korea? Come on, Samsung. Diablo’s reach is beyond Korea. It was the childhood of many, including mine.

Images: Yonhap News [KR].


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