ARCHOS at Mobile World Congress 2014

this year’s Mobile World Congress is a few days away, but ARCHOS can’t wait to let you in on some of the good stuff they will be lugging along to Barcelona. the lineup, as of now, includes one tablet and three new handsets. kicking of the lineup is the ARCHOS 80 Helium, an 8-inch 4G tablet…

Here’s A Bunch Of Sony Mobile Smartphones You Need To Know About

Man, it has been a while since we hear from Sony Mobile. The last we heard from Sony Mobile was the Xperia XZ3 and that was way back in August 2018. Now, if you haven’t already heard (and we don’t blame if you haven’t because the horde of new devices being announced in recent weeks), …

The Weird And Wonderful World Of iPhone X Lookalike At MWC 2018

Beyond Little Pepper, LEAGOO and more recently, ASUS, there are actually more iPhone X knock offs than one may have imagined as this year’s world largest mobile convention, Mobile World Congress, reveals. Sure, many have copied Apple’s design over the years, but iPhone X proves to be more interesting because of the annoying notch up …

Huawei MediaQ M310 Media Hub

these days, it seems like everyone is taking a dip into media hub, in particular, the Android-powered variety. Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei first announced their take of such device with the Huawei MediaQ M310 back at the 2013 CES last month and now, they are showing it off again at the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

Samsung HomeSync Android TV Box

Mobile World Congress may sounds like it has everything to do with mobile devices, but the Samsung HomeSync Android TV Box unveiled at the MWC this year isn’t a mobile communication device. obvious, but we are sure it will still get its fair share of attention. it might look as boxy as most media centers or media players in the market