Selpic S1 Palm-sized Handheld Printer

Remember PrintPen? The portable printer nobody asked for but probably want one anyways? Well, here’s another in the market. But this one is not quite shape like a pen, but it essentially does the same as PrintPen.

Instead of a pen-style design, Selpic S1, as it is called, looks more like a large company stamp. It is described as a “palm-sized handheld printer” that lets you print on just about any surface of any material and at any angle.

Selpic S1 Palm-sized Handheld Printer

Basically, what it can do is pretty much identical as the PrintPen. Selpic S1 further boasts super fast printing speed of 30-300 mm/s, 600 dpi print resolution, quick-dry ink, large 40 ml (1.35 fl. oz.) print capacity, 6 cartridge colors, multi-language support, built-in WiFi, a large 1,200 mAh battery good for up to 6 hours of operation, SDK support, and Swiss chipset (ST Microelectronics).

Selpic S1 Palm-sized Handheld Printer

Plus, it can print vertical lettering or words, print curved sentence, print multiple lines, and as far as length of print, it is pretty much unlimited.

If you are keen, you may want to consider picking up the Selpic S1 on Kickstarter by backing the campaign for $149 or more. The campaign is funded and so, it is a pre-order, but be warned. Shipping won’t happen until May 2020.

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Images: Selpic.