Have you wondered why there isn’t an aircraft equivalent to a cruise ship? Oh, right. The aircraft would have to be ridiculously enormous which would be physically impossible. It would have to accommodate thousands of people and have space for a host of entertainment venues and facilities, and stay aloft for days or even weeks on end.

Sky Cruise Futuristic Hotel Above the Clouds

Never mind the physics that may have restricted mankind from making a real-life Avengers’ Helicarrier-like aircraft to realize cruise in the air because we are allowed to dream. Or to be more precise, Tony Holmsten and Hashem AL-Ghaili are allowed to dream.

The idea of a flying hotel was originally dreamed by concept artist Tony Holmsten 11 years ago. More than a decade on, the science and technology YouTube channel, Hashem AL-Ghaili, with the blessing of the original creator, took that concept and rendered it into a video.

The result was like a la Castle In The Sky kind of visual assault. It is outrageous enormous. It flies. It is nuclear powered. In short, it is totally out of this world (which it really is, btw).

Sky Cruise Futuristic Hotel Above the Clouds

Apparently, this so-called Sky Cruise dreamed up by Holmsten and turned into “life” by Hashem AL-Ghaili can carry 5,000 passengers and it would have every imaginable luxury you have come to expect from a seafaring cruise ship.

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5,000 passengers are well over the average cruise ship passenger capacity, btw, and it is nearly 6 times more than the current king of the air, the A380, which has a maximum certified capacity of 853 passengers.

To realize the possibility of staying in the air for an extended period of time, the Sky Cruise employs Nuclear Fusion to power its 20 electric engines. Nuclear energy offers clean energy while allowing the aircraft to stay aloft for years. That’s right. YEARS.

Sky Cruise Futuristic Hotel Above the Clouds
The original concept art.

The author of the video imagines special flights that will make trips and dock with Sky Cruise to deliver food and supplies, thus allowing the aircraft to achieve continuous flying. There are more out-of-this-world features, tech, and stuff but we shall leave it to you to explore the mind-blowing details in the video below. Before you go, you may also want to check out Tony’s other works posted over on his Artstation page.

Images: YouTube (Hashem Al-Ghaili)/Tony Holmsten.

via Interesting Engineering.

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