In an age where smartphone rein supreme, you’d be hard pressed to find the need for any additional functions beyond time reading for a wrist watch. However, that will not make the Slide View Watch any less attractive (not even a little, really!). This new mechanical timepiece from Canada-based Caliper Timepieces has a few nifty tricks up its sleeve that, to be honest, you can easily get from a modern smartphone. But like I say, it is not going to affect my opinion about this beautiful timepiece. As you can see from the product images, Slide View Watch appears to sport two additional bezels with a bunch of indexes and numbers.

Slide View Watch with Integrated Slide Rule by Caliper Timepieces

The bezels are where the magic happens. By manipulating the outer bezel via the crown, you can do multiplications and divisions, unit conversion and even currency conversion. Yup. It totally can do those. You probably won’t do rely on Slide View Watch to do all those since you can easily achieve multiplications and divisions on your phone. The same goes to unit and currency conversions. But it is kind of interesting that the folks over at Caliper Timepieces manages to incorporate a circular slide rule into an otherwise conventional timepiece, and I am not going to lie. It looks absolutely rad.

Slide View Watch with Integrated Slide Rule by Caliper Timepieces

However, it appears that its creators have decided to keep the size down despite the inclusion of the two dials, and at 43 mm case diameter, you’d be looking at a fairly small time-reading watch face. Just saying.. Anywho, other notables that you might be interested include a case milled out of 316L steel, IP treated (in the case of black model), sapphire scratch resistant glass, glass caseback, semi-transparent dial face, water resistant up to 10 ATM (100 m or about 330 feet), screw-down crowns, and finally, it is powered by a 21,600 vibrations per hour Miyota 82S0 mechanical movement packing 21 jewels and offering up to over 40 hours of running time.

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I haven’t see the product in person, but my opinion is: 46 mm is the optimal case diameter. But don’t let my silly views get in your way of getting one. Speaking of which, you can help make Slide View Watch a reality by backing Calliper Timepieces’s second Kickstarter campaign. It has 14 more days to go and it just need a little push to get over the product’s funding goal of 50,000 CAD funding goal. As for the price, it will set you back at 485 CAD, which works out to be around 382 American dollars based on the current going rate. If Caliper Timepieces have their way, backers can expect to be greeted by Slide View Watch sometime in February 2018.

Slide View Watch with Integrated Slide Rule by Caliper Timepieces

Slide View Watch with Integrated Slide Rule by Caliper Timepieces

All images courtesy of Caliper Timepieces.

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