Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, always gets the best gadgets and rides money can buy, and therefore, to think that the billionaire masked crimefighter will use a Toyota Camry as his ride of choice when he go about kicking baddies’ ass is nothing less than absurd. Seriously, Joker will probably die laughing. However, if he ever go broke, who knows he may resort to converting a lacklustre ride into his Batmobile like what this Imgur user did. But, of course, knowing the Bat, he will probably tricked out the drivetrain to maybe include jet engine(s) and the requisite afterburner(s), along with Bat-ish not-so-aero aero kit and a bunch of seemingly just-for-show bits. And how can we forget the Batman’s favorite color, black for the paint job, eh?

Someone Turned A Toyota Camry Into A Batmobile

Oh, wait. Those are exactly what this particular anonymous owner did to his/her Camry-turned-Batmobile. As you can see from the images, this Camry Batmobile is complicated. Very complicated. There are a lot things going there. It appears to have jet engines (fake ones, obviously), evident from the pair of afterburners it flaunts, and it is loaded with armaments like a roof-mounted minigun and a pair of multi-barrel guns. Obviously, it also has all the bits and pieces, not-so-aero aero kit included, and a matte black paint job to complete the Batmobile look.

Someone Turned A Toyota Camry Into A Batmobile

This patch work Batmobile (lets call it the patch-mobile) may not look like the preferred ride of the dark knight, but one thing it wins hands-down: it is totally street legal and it even has the license plate to prove. Now, you certainly can’t say the same for Batman’s ride, can you? Granted, it is not best looking Batmobile iteration. Hell, in fact, it looked kind of hideous, but I will give to the person who not only dare to dream but made the dream a reality.

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No words if the vehicle is work in progress or it is a completed job, or did the person actually drives it to work (or school) and certainly we do not know for sure if he or she did wear a Bat costume when gunning through the neighborhood in this Bat-camry.

Someone Turned A Toyota Camry Into A Batmobile

Images via Imgur.

H/T: Carscoops.

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