Inspired by classic spacesuit, the Spacelife Jacket is every bit as high-tech as it sounds. Well, kind of. It has to be anyways, because this super cool jacket will run you back at a cool 1,499 euros, or around US$1,900. While it will not protect you from the vacuum (don’t need it here) or radiation for the good’ol Sun (not quite needed here too, unless you’re under a broken ozone), it will keep you warm and looking exceeding out-of-this-world. Literally. If not for the hoodie and the lack of the bottom section, the Spacelife Jacket does look pretty much like a real spacesuit – at least to the untrained eyes like ours. The jacket comes with its own integrated hood with reflective coating and strategically positioned obligatory patches that mimics the real astronaut’s space-outing outfit, as well as a non-functional port up front for that extra realistic look.

Spacelife Jacket

It is crafted from a combination of materials, including 210D trilobal nylon that is both waterproof and reflective to keep you visible at night and neoprene in areas where flexibility are required. While shielding you from the cold, this outerwear is also made to be breathable for a comfortable wear. Even it is has a stratospheric price in the jacket’s world, it is obvious lacking of the tech you find in a real spacesuit. It does, however, boast Bluetooth speakers built into the hood, which is control by a set of controls found on the cuff. You already know the price, but before you get all too excited about it and start pulling out your Black card to proceed with the acquisition, you have to know that it is on pre-order right now and you won’t see it at your doorstep until September 2015 which, if you ask me, is still quite a considerable wait even if its for a spacesuit.

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Spacelife Jacket

Spacelife Jacket

Spacelife via Gizmodo

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