Supreme x BLU Burner Phone

In the just revealed Supreme Fall/Winter 2019 collection, there is another intriguing product other than the Supreme x Honda CRF 250R Motorcycle. It was this: Supreme x BLU Burner Phone. That’s right, my friends. Supreme is dabbling deeper into the gadgets territory, albeit with a somewhat low-tech device, or more specifically, a feature phone. I am pretty sure a smartphone is in the pipeline.

The phone, as the product name indicates, is a phone made by our all-time favorite budget phone maker, BLU Products. Like the motocross vehicle we saw previously, Supreme x BLU Burner Phone appears to be rebrand of an existing BLU phone and in this instant, it appeared to be the Zoey 2.4 3G. And yes, it is a 3G device and a feature phone to boot – if you happen to miss that part.

Anywho, in the tradition of BLU, the Supreme x BLU Burner Phone will come unlocked (yay?). It further touts a built-in camera, dual SIM support and it will come bundle with a 16 GB memory card. Perhaps we can understand why there’s a voodoo doll, plated dumbbell, and even Table Tennis set, but a feature phone? Now that’s pretty mind-boggling, isn’t it? I mean, Supreme’s products are by no means low-end and hence, we are expecting this phone with yet-to-be-disclosed pricing not going to be cheap either.

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That said, a feature phone would likely picked up by tech-resistance older folks or perhaps, people in developing countries. In either case, these consumers will be looking for a cheap device, certainly not a higher-than-it-should cost device which the Supreme x BLU Burner Phone will probably be.

Image: Supreme.