Rolls-Royce’s Idea Of Flying Taxi Is One That Has Rotors That Folds Away

Lets face it. The Fifth Element kind of flying cars is not going to realize anytime soon. Instead, you are looking at more conventional “fly cars” such as this one proposed by Rolls-Royce. The aircraft engine maker unveiled this concept personal air transportation at Farnborough Airshow. As you can see, it is a VTOL, short […]

Airbus Plans To Use This Giant Harpoon To Take Out Space Junk

Every time you look up into the night sky, what do you see? If your answer is ‘stars’ and ‘satellites’, well, you are only partially correct. You see, the thing is, not every shimmering specks in the blackened sky are stars; some of them could be space junk or debris reflecting lights. It is true […]

Airbus Successfully Demoed Parcel Delivery Drone With NUS

The future of small parcel delivery is no doubt from up above. Amazon has been working hard to realize this and even go as far as pushing a pilot in UK. Several other companies, including DHL, has also embarked on the same path and in the case of DHL, an unmanned drone was used to […]

China Offers ‘Affordable’ Counterterrorism Solution With Unmanned Attack Helicopter

It looks like China is a rapidly growing market that not only offers the world affordable alternatives to a myriad of consumers product, but it is now actively vying for a piece of the military hardware pie too. The unmanned attack helicopter, the AV500W, you see here from state-owned Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) […]

DeLorean ‘Flying Car’ Is Not The DeLorean You Have Come To Expect

DeLorean did not promised us flying cars, but Back to the Future II sure planted that idea into our head. Since then, companies and individuals have not stop trying to make car fly, which now apparently includes the DeLorean. Wait, what? A flying DeLorean? A very interesting prospect that piqued a BTTF fan like me. […]

The World’s Biggest Aircraft, Stratolaunch, Emerges From Hanger

If you don’t already know, co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, has been involved in an interesting aerospace development. The company he is in, Stratolaunch Systems, has built an aircraft called the Stratolaunch Carrier Aircraft that is billed as the world’s biggest aircraft ever built. By the virtue of its non-swept wing wingspan that stretches a […]

This Is The First “Flying Car” By Larry Page-backed Startup, Kitty Hawk

Another day, another “flying car,” but like the Lilium Jet, this Alphabet’s CEO Larry Page-backed personal flight startup, Kitty Hawk’s first flyer is not quite a flying car. Sorry, I disagree with our source cos’ nowhere in the company’s website did it reference itself as a flying car startup. The Mountain View, California-based company’s mission […]

All-electric 300mi Range VTOL “Flying Car” Made Successful Maiden Flight

Ok. The Lilium Jet Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft (VTOL) from Munich-based aviation company, Lilium Aviation, is not quite a flying car; rather, it is a full-fledged electric aircraft, or more specifically, an electric VTOL. Clearly, not the first (NASA was among the first, albeit in scaled form), but it is a baby step […]

Startup Has Bold Plan To Build Boeing 777-sized Cargo Delivery Drones

Natilus, a California-based startup, has an ambitious vision: cargo delivery using drone. Wait, what? This is not even news, right? Right, except that Natilus is more ambitious then a using a puny multicopter; the company wants to build a Boeing 777-sized drone that will fly itself from point A and point B to delivery 200,000 […]

Airbus’ Vision Of Flying Car Is Not Quite A Car. It Is More Like An Aircraft

If you have grown tired of constant traffic jams, giving up driving and hoping on taxis and ride sharing cars won’t help you get out of the gridlock. Trains like subways sound like a good idea, except that you have to rub shoulders with many. Not exactly the ideal solution, is it? What you need […]