This Is XQ-58A Valkyrie UAV, The ‘Loyal Wingman’ To Fighter Jets

You know how some sci-fi and/or apocalyptic movies sometimes depicted unmanned fighter jets going out to take on the enemies? Well, that, my friends, is about to come true. And mind you, we are not talking about the current drones which are mostly use for reconnaissance and maybe drop a guided missile or two. We […]

Boeing Partners Supersonic Jet Company For Next-gen Supersonic Private Jet

Remember Aerion Supersonic’s bold ambitious to create a the first supersonic private jet? Well, the Nevada-based aerospace company has announced a partnership with American aircraft maker, Boeing, to advance its cause. Oh, wait. Actually, it was Boeing whom made the announcement. As part of the agreement, Boeing will provide financial, engineering and industrial resources to […]

Here’s The (Overdue) First Look At Sikorsky’s New SB>1 DEFIANT Helicopter

Here’s a long overdue first look at Lockheed Martin-owned Sikorsky and Boeing new SB>1 DEFIANT helicopter developed for the U.S. Army’s Joint Multi-Role technology demonstrator program. The helicopter with a URL-unfriendly name is capable of flying at twice the speed and range of today’s conventional helicopters, while offering advanced agility and maneuverability (even though, it […]

Boeing Autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle Made First Flight

Bell Helicopter is doing it. Airbus and Audi is doing it too and so is Rolls-Royce. We are talking about autonomous air vehicle, or air taxi. While those aerospace giants are working on it, Boeing has revealed that on January 22, 2019, it has made the first flight with its own take called Boeing Autonomous […]

Drone With Jumping Legs Will Revolutionize The Drone Industry

The mention of drones, two things came to mind: vertically take-off aircraft, often in the form of multi-rotor configuration (or in rare occasion, dual rotor, like a helicopter) or a fixed wing aircraft that pretty much designed to destroy. Both have its short falls. A multi-rotor aircraft sacrifices speed and payload for convenient take-off and […]

Bell Helicopter Show Off Air Taxi, Bell Nexus, At CES 2019

The race to develop a viable on-demand air transportation is on. At last year’s CES, Bell Helicopter revealed the cabin of its vision of air taxi and at this year’s CES, the Texas helicopter maker follow up with a full-scale Bell Nexus prototype. Ermmm. OK. It is more like a full-scale model than a prototype […]

Alphabet’s Drone Delivery Service To Go On Trial In Finland Next Year

If you are wondering what Google’s parent company Alphabet is or has been doing, well, this is one of the many things the company is doing: delivery using drone. The idea is not new, though. Amazon is among the the first to propose this seemingly audacious idea, but soon the idea caught up with the […]

Airbus BelugaXL Super Transporter Completes Maiden Flight With A Smile

This is BelugaXL, the next-generation Airbus super transport destined to replace the original Beluga inducted into service in the mid 90s. Based on the Airbus A330-200 Freighter, the BelugaXL touts 30 percent more capacity and 12 percent bump in payload over its predecessor. So, what’s so special about this supersized cargo plane? Obviously, a huge […]

Opener Unveiled BlackFly Flying Car, But It Really Is An Ultralight Aircraft

According to Wikipedia, a flying car is “a type of personal air vehicle or ‘roadable’ aircraft that provides door-to-door transportation by both ground and air.” So, what really is a flying car? My definition would be a car-like vehicle that flies. Whether or not it is roadable is non-consequential (think Fifth Element). But I guess […]

Rolls-Royce’s Idea Of Flying Taxi Is One That Has Rotors That Folds Away

Lets face it. The Fifth Element kind of flying cars is not going to realize anytime soon. Instead, you are looking at more conventional “fly cars” such as this one proposed by Rolls-Royce. The aircraft engine maker unveiled this concept personal air transportation at Farnborough Airshow. As you can see, it is a VTOL, short […]