SE Aeronautics SE200 Tri-wing Aircraft

A V-shaped aircraft is radical. A regular body aircraft design can be as radical too – if it has 6 wings like the SE200, as pitched by an Alabama-based aerospace startup SE Aeronautics.

SE Aeronautics SE200 Tri-wing Aircraft
Looks like a regular narrow body aircraft from the side.

The plane is radical not just because it has 6 wings; it is radical in almost every aspects. So much so that it sounded too good to be true and you know what they say about things sound to be good to be true… just saying…

This proposed “revolutionary aircraft”, dubbed SE200, is projected to use 70% less fuel and lower CO2 emission by 80%, and has a range of 10,560 miles (17,000 km).

SE Aeronautics SE200 Tri-wing Aircraft
Only two sets of wings are on the same level and it has a V-tail design too.

To top that off, it claims to be safer than today’s passenger aircraft – thanks a monocoque fuselage – all while having thin, long wings (all 6 of them, need we remind you), and believe it or not, a bladder that stores fuel at the top of the fuselage (?!).

Now, the notion of fuel above my head really makes me a little uneasy even though the aircraft hasn’t materialized and I am not actually in it.

SE Aeronautics SE200 Tri-wing Aircraft
Not sure why this render had the aircraft’s landing gear down when it appeared to be flying high above the mountains.

The concept passenger jet, which can accommodate up to 264 passengers, is powered by two “super-efficient engines” mounted at the rear that provides a total of 64,000 lb-ft of thrust and affords a maximum take-off weight of 170,000 lbs (77 tonne).

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The company sure has big claims. Whether or not it materialize remains to be seen. You can’t blame us for being skeptical. Over the years, we have seen many “revolutionary” propositions. Some, including a supersonic jet with backing from the industry’s giants, have failed.

Images: SE Aeronautics.

Source: YouTube (Simple Flying) via designboom.