Many big companies are exploring ways to be more sustainable. Some businesses like LEGO and Bandai Spirits are or will be using plastic alternatives while others developed sustainable paper material or turning plastic waste into useful building materials.

Glenfiddich Whisky Waste Powered Trucks

Meanwhile, Glenfiddich is powering its delivery semis with whisky, or whisky waste, to be precise. The Scottish distillery has launched a fleet of trucks that is fueled by green biogas made from the distillery’s whisky waste.

Well, I guess you could say this is drinking and driving, except that it is the truck that is doing the drinking. OK. I know, it’s a bad joke. Anyhoo, Glenfiddich said this close loop system will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99% over traditional fuels.

Glenfiddich Whisky Waste Powered Trucks

It is said that the annual CO2 displacement of each of these green fueled trucks “will have the same environmental benefit as planting up to 4,000 trees every year.” Now, that’s really something if it is true.

The brainchild of this “turning whisky waste into ultra-low carbon fuel” is William Grant & Sons, the parent company of the distillery. It is part of the brand’s effort to reduce environmental impact when producing single malt.

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Glenfiddich Whisky Waste Powered Trucks

The company even have special fueling stations at its Dufftown-based distillery for refueling the fleet.

The first truck to be powered this biogas is already in service. Hmmm, I’m curious, does the exhaust smells like, ermm, scotch whisky?

Glenfiddich Whisky Waste Powered Trucks

Images: Glenfiddich/William Grant & Sons.

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