ALO Audio Studio Six Headphone Amplifier

if you demand the best from your headphone when listening in the comfort of your own home, then there’s no doubt that you could get some boost from a serious headphone amplifier such as the ALO Audio Studio Six Headphone Amplifier. average joes probably don’t need a $4,900 headphone amp, but for audiophiles

NuForce Mobile Music Pump – Portable Headphone Amplifier

green with envy of those Beats-equipped smartphones? don’t. your all other non-Beats smartphones and media players can sound as good – if you put down $59 for this NuForce Mobile Music Pump (MMP in short), a portable headphone amplifier. as high-end as your audio cans could be

iFi micro iCAN Headphone Amp

long for some high-end headphone action, but lack of the dough for an astronomically priced audio cans? then you should seriously consider scoring yourself the iFi micro iCAN Headphone Amp. packed within its compact 158 x 68 x 28 millimeter chassis is a Class A TubeState amplifier, featuring a unique ‘tri-brid’ circuitry

V-MODA VAMP VERZA Portable Amplifier

with the new Android OS supporting USB digital audio output, on-the-go audiophiles might want to squeeze every bit of that digital bliss out from their Android devices and the V-MODA VAMP VERZA Portable Amplifier is the device that can help you out. in fact, the VAMP VERZA, which happens to work with

NuForce IA-18 Integrated Amplifier

gone were the days where getting good sounds require you to have mad scientist’s lab-like setup. everything has been shrunk down to a point where you could now get audiophile-grade sound even from a small cube device. however, if you are one who is adamant on the ‘old school’ setup i.e. multiple components, it doesn’t necessary mean your

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Headphone Amplifier

want to crank up your high-end headphone enjoyment a notch up the audiophile altar? then your answer might just lies with the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Headphone Amplifier, a “pure Class-A headphone amplifier with built-in Digital-to-Analog Converter. giving you the best of both worlds

SCHIIT Magni Headphone Amp

if you are super serious about the audio quality pumped out by your headphones, then we think a pair of audiophile-grade headphones is hardly considered suffice. not even close. in the pursuit for the ‘perfect audio bliss’ from your favorite pair of audio cans, you will need a headphone amp but then again, these gadgets ain’t exactly affordable to every mortals. that…

Fiio Fujiyama E6 USB DAC Headphone Amp

obsessed with the quality of sound coming out of your headphones? like, really, really obsessed? then we suppose having an audiophile-grade cans wouldn’t be enough. what you need is a portable USB DAC headphone amplifier such as the Fiio Fujiyama E6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier and unlike your…


the iPhone 4 or 4S is the last thing you would list as an audiophile grade equipment. while we can’t do anything to improve its build-in speaker without docking it to an almost unportable sound system, we can certainly do something about the sound that’s coming out of its audio jack and at the same time, provide our iPhone…