Supercar, Superbike, Superyacht And Now, There’s Super Suitcase Too

You heard of supercar, superbike, superyacht and now, meet the world’s first super suitcase, Floatti. Designed by Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti, Floatti aims to provide you with stress-free traveling experience by combining technology, intuitive features and elegant styling into a suitcase. Admittedly, Floatti is not the first to do so, but it is […]

Dune Flatware Set: Silverware Turns Artistic And Personal

To many, fork and spoon are just fork and spoon, but to Hong Kong-based, Italian designer Andrea Ponti, it is something more ‘personal’. They are not merely ‘tools’ for introducing food into your mouth; they are ‘tools’ to your culinary experience and this ideology is boldly expressed in Andrea’s latest creation, dubbed Dune Flatware Set, […]

Like a Good Tailor, This Device Will Tailor the Audio from Any Sources to Suit Your Hearing Sensitivity

It is said that kids can hear audio frequency adults can’t and as it turns out, grown up also deciphers audio frequency differently, just like eyes can do with colors which resulted a debate that went viral. That said, audio pushed out by regular headphones, regardless of make and model, is not one-size-fits-all, so to […]

Casetify Metaluxe iPhone Case Has Interchangeable Back Plate and Aluminum Alloy ‘Camera Corner’

Some smartphone users are happy with a case throughout the entire life of the smartphone, while some sees the need for a constant change. Well, if you belong to the latter and insist on sophistication, then we think Casetify’s new Metaluxe iPhone case might be right up your alley. It is a piece of classy […]

TANK Aluminum Case for iPad

these days, we are bombarded by tsunami after tsunami of iDevice accessories and to be honest, we are pretty much numb by them. therefore, we hardly take a look at the accessories – cases in particular – until one excellent example crosses our path. the TANK Aluminum Case for iPad by Andrea Ponti of Ponti Design Studio is one such awesome

Ag++ Metal Bumper for iPhone 5

with the latest iPhone (along with iPod touch and nano), Apple kind of firmed up their affinity with aluminum. and as such, as end users, adding yet another piece or two of aluminum to protect your iPhone seems like a logical move. speaking of aluminum protective case, designer Andrea Ponti has conceived something that goes inline with Apple’s aluminum design…