Personal Belongings Of Late Colonel Sanders To Go Under The Hammer

I don’t know of anyone who will want to bid for possessions of a dead person, unless the person in question was an iconic celebrity. That said, I hardly think anyone would want a piece of the fast food legend, Colonel Sanders, either, but in case you have to desire to collect Kentucky Fried Chicken […]

Bizarre Louis Vuitton Backpack Umbrella Hybrid Sold For $1,875

With the exception of Balenciaga, ‘bizarre’ is not synonymous with most fashion labels. However, there will come a time even the most mainstream design house will turn out some rather goofy product, such as this backpack umbrella hybrid from Louis Vuitton’s limited edition 1996 “Shopping in the Rain” collection. It apparently did not end up […]

Banksy’s Painting ‘Self Destructs’ Moments After Successful Bidding

Banksy shocked the world yet again. This time, the elusive England-based street artist’s painting, Girl With Red Balloon, got a Mission Impossible’s ‘self-destruct’ treatment moments after the hammer went down to seal the deal at a cool £1 million (that was inclusive of buyer’s premium, btw), or about US$1.3 million. This is not even a […]

Giant LEGO Gromit Just Contributed £22K To Bristol Children’s Hospital

Bristol, UK-based charity organization The Grand Appeal has teamed up with the folks over at LEGO to create this giant version of Gromit, Wallace’s pet dog and best friend, from the British clay animation series Wallace & Gromit. The enormous Gromit sculpture, called Cracking Build Gromit!, was designed by LEGO and hand built by expert […]

Ex-Ayrton Senna Record Setting Formula 1 Car To Be Auctioned Off

Most rich person can afford a Formula 1 car if they want, but if you want one that legend was made, like this 1993 McLaren-Cosworth Ford MP4-8A Formula 1 Racing Single Seater, then you will have vie with fellow rich folks. This racing open wheeler is no ordinary Formula 1 race car; it was ex-Ayrton […]

I Bet You Never Thought A 64’ Lincoln Continental Could Look This Cool

There are many classic American cars still being loved. Some of them even modded to an outlandish proportion. Not this one though. Not this 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible. The thing with Lincoln Conti is, it is not for everyone. You either love it or you hate it. There’s no in between, but I am very […]

Leica Camera Purportedly Own By Amelia Earhart’s Is On eBay For £50K

It is understandable that some avid collectors with the money to burn will want to collect a piece of the history that comes with proper provenance, but what we can’t comprehend is, why would anyone sell a so-called “piece of history” that has questionable provenance at an auction house kind of pricing. Such is what […]

Fear of God x Marvel Black Panther Cast-only Jacket Auctioned Off

Here’s something you can’t buy, but we are going let you in on it anyhow. What see here is a Black Panther Cast-Only Bespoke Emmanuel Jacket based on Michael B. Jordan’s custom “Killmonger” example. I have no idea if you will be able to score this Fear of God and Marvel Studios collaborative piece. but […]

Artist Turns Regular Dolls Into Mind-blowing Hyperrealistic Figures

You know is it with stock action figures and dolls. They hardly resembles the person they took after. I don’t want to question why manufacturers of these expensive collectibles can’t get the facial features right. But hey, that’s probably a good thing because it leaves a void for exceedingly talented repaint artist like Philippine-born, US-based […]

Stunning Bell & Ross’s Renault F1 Team Timepiece Sold For $35K At Only Watch

The problem with mass produced product is, consumers will eventually get numb to the design. Luxury watch makers like Bell & Ross are not sparred from this natural occurrence and so, it is only naturally when a one-of-the-kind piece surface, it has all out attention. The Bell & Ross x Renault Sport Formula One BR-X1 […]