If mowing the lawn often brings out the racer in you, then you will need a lawn mower like the Mowserati Lawn Mower. You read that right. That’s a ‘Maserati’ with a ‘Mow” which is kind of saying that it is the Maserati of lawn mower. Though it clearly not affiliated with the Italian automaker and surely, it ain’t going to make any lawn mowing land speed record either.

Mowserati Lawn Mower

That said, I wonder what Maserati’s legal think of this. Anyhoo, information regarding this fun little lawn mower is scarce. A search on the web comes up empty. However, according to our source, the body is fiberglass. Judging from the racing number, the Maserati emblem, and the very tiny rear spoiler, it looks like a one-off custom machine.

The candy red paintwork, which looked fresh, contrast nicely against the white tiller, seat, fuel cover, and engine cover. And the ‘Mowserati’ branding on the rear is pure art.

Mowserati Lawn Mower

Beyond that, this is basically a mysterious lawn mower. For some reason, I feel like I want one in my life even though I am living in an apartment that obviously has no lawn.

If you are down, you will have a chance to get your hands on the Mowserati Lawn Mower when it goes on the block at the INDY 2023 sale by Mecum Auctions next month.

Mowserati Lawn Mower

Images: Mecum Auctions.

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