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Pioneer Brings Dolby Atmos To Your Home Theatre Setup With New Elite Speakers

Dolby Atmos is the latest in Dolby sound technology that goes above and beyond what your usual surround sound can offer by introducing sounds from above, so you can immerse yourself in the pouring torrential rains or thundering aircraft flying overhead. now Dolby wants you to experience this same overhead sound outside of Dolby Atmos theaters and Pioneer Electronics is the among the first to bring this new surround audio technology to your home with its Pioneer Dolby Atmos Elite Speaker System. the system comprises of bookshelf speakers (SP-EBS73-LR), center channel speaker (SP-EC73), floorstanding speakers (SP-EFS73) and subwoofer (SW-E10), and was penned by Pioneer’s chief speaker engineer, Andrew Jones. Continue reading Pioneer Brings Dolby Atmos To Your Home Theatre Setup With New Elite Speakers

Harman Kardon AVR 2700 Network-connected AV Receiver

Harman Kardon AVR 2700 Network-connected AV Receiver
yes. amid the world of physical-shrinking multimedia gadgets, there are still a place for full-sized audio/video receivers (AV receivers) in our home entertainment system. speaking of which, Harman Kardon has been a forerunner in this aspect and they have something new – the Harman Kardon AVR 2700 Network-connected AV Receiver – for folks who lives by the mantra of ‘the more, the better’. aesthetically, Harman Kardon never disappoints with its trademark clean, minimalist design and under the hood, it packs a 7.1 channel sound powered at 100 watts per channel Continue reading Harman Kardon AVR 2700 Network-connected AV Receiver

Yamaha BRX-610 Blu-ray Receiver

Yamaha BRX-610 BluRay Receiver
Yamaha BRX-610 Blu-ray Receiver | US$549.95 | www.yamaha.com

while we love the concept of home entertainment system, we loathe the clutter associated with the myriad of components typical of a home entertainment system setup. in a bid to reduce that clutter below your TV, we embrace the idea of sound bars and now, we can add the Yamaha BRX-610 Blu-ray Receiver to the list. as the name implies, it is both a BluRay player and a network receiver. features include a 5.1 channel offering a total of 500W, including 100W of low frequency thumping sound, front digital USB connectivity for your iDevice, DLNA-certified, 1080p output, HDMI out with Audio Return Channel, HD audio capable (including Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio), and support for BluRay 3D playback. Continue reading Yamaha BRX-610 Blu-ray Receiver

Yamaha YHT-S401 Sound Bar

Yamaha YHT-S401 Sound Bar
(photos: Yamaha) Yamaha YHT-S401 Sound Bar | US$699.95 | www.yamaha.com

if you are facing space constraint in your living room or are less-than capable in messing with slew of cables for a multi-speaker home entertainment setup, then a surround sound capable sound bar like the Yamaha YHT-S401 Sound Bar would be the sound system of choice. it is completely unobtrusive and sits neatly beneath your LCD display, while boasting a receiver unit with integrated subwoofer. the YHT-S401 offers a total of 250W of output through its three channels, plus the subwoofer contributing yet another 100W of earth shaking low frequency power. it sports a host of I/Os such as CEC-compatible HDMI, optical-in, coaxial, analog audio and a surround headphone jack. Continue reading Yamaha YHT-S401 Sound Bar

Pioneer ELITE SC-57 AV receiver – multichannel prowess

Pioneer ELITE SC-57 AV Receiver 544x311px
(credit: Pioneer) Pioneer ELITE SC-57 AV Receiver | US$2,100.00 | www.pioneerelectronics.com

in the A/V receiver industry, it is certainly bold to claim that one of theirs is the most powerful in the market but that’s exactly what Pioneer claimed that its new ELITE SC-57 A/V receiver is. within its standard bulk enclosure lies a nine channel system that pumps out 140 watts per channel and a new Class D3 amplification technology. as if 7-channel isn’t enough, this elite monster has nine channels and is totally capable of zoning up your home with its awesome prowess. other features of this premium AV receiver includes THX Ultra 2 Plus certification, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoding, 32-bit Digital-Analog-Converter, and Marvell Qdeo video processor that does video upscaling to 1080p/24fps. connectivity is in abundance, and apart from its usual audio and video connectivity, it is also WiFi and Bluetooth-ready, DLNA 1.5 certified and supports Apple’s AirPlay technology. so what’s the price of such powerful piece of equipment? the Pioneer ELITE SC-57 AV Receiver carries a hefty price tag of $2,100. ouch. another look from its back after the break Continue reading Pioneer ELITE SC-57 AV receiver – multichannel prowess

four Audio-Video receivers announced over the last two weeks

four new AV receivers 2011 544x311px
(credit: Harman Kardon/Pioneer/Yamaha)

over last couple weeks, mainstream maker of AV receivers have separately made announcement of their newest AV receivers for 2011, and today we take a look at four of them from the three specialists of home entertainment system. first off, we have Harmon Kardon announcing four midrange AV receivers, namely the AVR 1565, AVR 1650, AVR 2650 and the AVR 3650, to grace their 2011 lineup with a price range between $400 to $1,000. the former two are 5.1 system, while the latter two are 7.1 system. unlike other midrange AV receivers in the market, these Harman Kardon AV receivers are lacking of AirPlay support and iPhone/iPod compatible USB connections. however, this series offers anything from 50 watts per channel up (AVR-1565) to 100 watts per channel (AVR-3650) of sound and varying features such as Ethernet port, Internet radio streaming, up to six HDMI inputs and of course, Harman Kardon’s trademark beautiful design. Continue reading four Audio-Video receivers announced over the last two weeks

Onkyo announced new network-capable AV receiver

Onkyo TX-NR809 544x298px
(credit: Onkyo) Onkyo TX-NR809 THX Select2 Plus Certified | US$1,099.00 | www.onkyo.com

Onkyo has just announced its latest integrated AV receiver, the TX-NR809 THX Select2 Plus Certified, a 7.2 channel home theater AV receiver that’s network capable. Onkyo said this latest addition includes “several significant new audio and video upgrades” from last year’s TX-NR808 model.

the TX-NR809 now sports both Mavell Qdeo and IDT’s HDV Vida video upscaling and processing circuits and for the first time, the Imaging Science Foundation’s ISF Video Calibration technology is included for this price point. Continue reading Onkyo announced new network-capable AV receiver