‘Mattel’ Hoverboard Really Hovers But You Can’t Actually Ride It

Hoverboard is a reality now, well, kind of cos’ they are not what as depicted in the sci-fi movie Back to the Future. Most of them can’t work without special surfaces, except for a couple (or one, to be exact) and they certainly can’t go anywhere (again, except for one). So, your only hope for […]

A Bunch of Folks Actually Ate a Life-size Flying DeLorean Time Machine!

Now that we are already 5 days into the future, you probably have had enough of products and news about or relating to Back to the Future and we feel sorry that we have to put you through another one. But we find it hard to pass on something this, well, incredible. What you see […]

Yay! Hovering DeLorean Time Machine is Real, Albeit in 1/20th Scale

To this day, there have been countless DeLorean Time Machine collectibles, ranging from the life size vehicle to scaled models. However, none of them actually flies, much less hovers. Well, that’s until Kids Logic comes along and shove a real hovering DeLorean of 1/20 scale into our face. First appeared at the Ani-Com and Games […]

Crazy Case DeLorean Time Machine iPhone Case

Can’t get enough of Back to the Future? Then we trust that the Crazy Case DeLorean iPhone Case will be on top of your BTTF must-have list. Conceived by Japanese toy company Bandai, the same company that brought you the Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case, the DeLorean iPhone Case features intricate detail of the iconic DMC-12 […]

Marty McFly’s 1985 Dream Pickup Truck Reimagined by Toyota For 2015

Yesterday, or today for some regions, is the futuristic date introduced in Back to the Future II 30 years ago. There’s a lot of buzz about this date, which was called the Back to the Future day by the White House, that it probably drowns out Star Wars’s marketing campaign. While Toyota may share little […]

Holy Smoke! Nike Announces Real Back to the Future II’s Self-lacing Nike Mag!

Here’s another technology ‘predicted’ by the movie, Back to the Future II, that’s coming true. No. Not the hoverboard, though we have seen quite a few variations of that. Next to make the Back to the Future II prediction check boxes is the self-lacing Nike Power Mag. Wait. Didn’t Nike already made that in limited […]

Faithfully Restored Griff Tanner’s Future BMW from Back to the Future II Goes Under the Hammer

It takes a geek to see the details and in the case of the car you see here, it takes a true blue Back to the Future geek to realize that it is actually Griff Tanner’s Future BMW as seen on Back to the Future II. This is the same car that created quite a […]

Pepsi Perfect is the First Real Product of Back to the Future II Money Can Buy

It’s 2015 and it is nothing like the future as depicted in the movie Back to the Future II. To be fair, we do have hoverboards, holographic technology, flying cars, self-lacing shoes and Nike Mag boots. Just that they didn’t turn out quite like the movie’s. However, things about to a take a turn as […]

Great Scott! Soon, You Can Vie with Your Friends for a Piece of Back to the Future’s Hill Valley

Now, lets not get too excited on who’s getting the iconic Mattel hoverboard token. Being a huge fan of Back to the Future, I would love to play the world’s most iconic, if not the most famous, board game in true Hill Valley style. Yes, we are talking about the Monopoly Back to the Future […]

Original DeLorean Time Machine Restored, Made into a Documentary

If restoration shows are porn to you and you also happen to be a huge Back to the Future, then we bet you will be thrilled that Universal Studios has collaborated with a bunch of BTTF fans with “knowledge, passion and the obsessive attention to detail” to save the original 1985 DeLorean Time Machine. Yes. […]