One Less Thing To Carry: A Carry-on or Backpack Skatescooter That Lets You Conquer the Last Mile

first of all, don’t turn away from this Olaf thinking it is the animated character from Disney’s animated movie Frozen. the Olaf here is a hybrid kickscooter aka skatescooter. you know? those that looks like skateboard but with handlebar up front? yeah. those. but in Olaf’s case, it is also a backpack or carry-on suitcase […]

Hard Graft Refresh Dopp Kit. Because Your Grooming Products Deserve To Have Their Stands

if your shampoo, shower gel and rest of your grooming essentials could talk, they would probably tell you that leaving them standing in a bag whilst in transits would be a better idea. alas, they couldn’t and hence till this day, dopp kit, washbags or whatever you call it, still looks like glorified shoe bags. […]

Hard Graft Frame Folio And Frame Pack Leather Bicycle Bags

Hard Graft, the bespoke leather goods company, has introduced a pair of made for bicycle gadget carriers for times when you really need to travel light with your iPad and cycle at the same time. instead of having a permanent bag affixed to your bike, the Frame series leather bicycle bag is removable so that […]

MacBook Module Sleeve Lets You Carry Your Apple Essentials Without The Bulk

if you love working out of your local cafe, you will know the pros and cons. the pros are obvious; like free-loading on the cafe’s electricity for your laptop, quick access to your much needed caffeinated drinks and such. as for cons, it will be constant stares by other guests who can’t find a table, […]

The Casual Carry – Lightweight, Modern Interoperation Of Drawstring Backpack

when you hit the park or beach, surely you won’t want to lug around your laptop, right? so why should you carry a regular backpack or shoulder bag when your sole intention is to kick back and relax? no reasons and hence, the birth of The Casual Carry. frankly, if there is one thing the […]

This Mac Pro Go Case Will Let You Lug Your Mac Pro Around In Style

desktop PC was never designed to be portable (that’s why it is called a desktop PC), much less a pro rig like Mac Pro, but that was before the new radical shape Mac Pro arrives. the new generation Mac Pro is not only physically small for a pro system but it is also one with […]

Tactical Lunch Kit Is The Appropriate Lunchbag For War or Zombie Apocalypse

though it might not be practically applicable to most of us, but having something that we use frequently in ‘tactical’ form seems like a very man thing to do. we have seen numerous tactical rendition of otherwise regular objects, including writing instruments, shot glass, ATV, flashlights, lamp and even BBQ apron – just to name […]

Hard Graft Cube Tote – A Versatile Bag For Shopping And The Beach

if you need just one bag that could see you through regular routines like grocery shopping, work and leisure, then the Hard Graft Cube Tote might be a good place to start. it has a shape unlike most bags (read: uber cool), which the product name explicitly implies, and sports an enormous opening, held closed […]

Outback Solo Case For MacBook Air Is Also A Shoulder Bag

the updated MacBook Air may not be in everyone’s favor, but if you’ve put down your hard earn money on one, here’s a pretty accessory which might you want to give a thought. meet the Outback Solo Case For MacBook Air by San Francisco-base Waterfield Designs. it is a case by description and so indeed […]