We Don’t Even Need To Tell You Why You Need This Fallout Cookbook

Have you ever play a video game and thought about where can you get those food in real life? Obviously, it is easy if the game is, say, GTA, but not quite if it is a sci-fi video game and one that is set in a time after a nasty nuclear fallout like the video […]

You Can Learn To Draw Your Favorite Avengers Characters With This Book

Drawing. It is the most expressive form after words, but unlike words, not everyone is born with the knack to draw. Fortunately, humans are capable of learning and this 128-page Learn to Draw Marvel’s The Avengers (Walter Foster, ISBN 978-1633225121) is one such help – IF you yearn to draw characters from Marvel’s Avengers like […]

There’s Hulkverine Now And No, Hulk And Wolvie Did Not Have A Child

Marvel universe has expanded beyond our wildest imagination even before Marvel Cinematic Universe started seeing success as blockbuster live action movies. But this thing here is way beyond my wildest imagination: a Hulk cross Wolverine. Yes. You freaking read that right. Hulkverine is a thing! Holy mother of…. What kind of abomination is this? Whatever […]

Oh, Look. There Is A Owner’s Workshop Manual For F-14 Tomcat!

Now, I am sure we are familiar with Haynes, the publishing firm known for manuals that guide to maintaining and repairing automobiles and motorcycles, and in recent times, even teaches you how to survive a zombie apocalypse (very aptly filed under “Practical Lifestyle Manual” and yes, it is 100% real!). It seems like whatever ride […]

What Can Teach You The Basics Of Camera Better Than A Book That’s Literally A Camera?

Books on camera/photography are a dime a dozen, but nothing teaches you the basic principles of photography better than a book that’s literally a camera. This Book Is A Camera, published by Museum of Modern Art, is exactly that. It is a book on camera and it is also a camera. In other words, this […]

Archisutra Is Kama Sutra Disguised As An Architecture Design Manual

Looking to pick up some traditional sexual positions but too shy to be seen reading the ancient Indian Hindu guide to love and sex, Kama Sutra? Well, here’s the solution: The Archisutra by Miguel Bolivar (CreateSpace Independent, ISBN-13: 978-1530172450). This tongue-in-cheek to sexual positions is one that befits an architect or engineer because it is […]

Someone Has Written A Book On “How To Seduce Women Through Photography” And We Are Not Amused

It is a well known fact that if you have the talent for musical instrument, particularly piano, you’d be able to impress girls. Or at least, that’s what I believe to be so. I insist piano is the key to “seducing women,” or just about any human being and I may be right about this […]

Photographer Captures Lit Vending Machines Like You Never Seen Before

Japan is well known for, among the many things, vending machines. It is the country is practically littered with vending machines that peddles everything from drinks to snacks to disposal underwear. The last we checked, it is estimated that the country have as many vending machines as the population in Singapore. That’s like over five […]

Mad Inventor Colin Furze Has A Book That Teaches Kids To Make Things

As it turns out, mad garage inventor and famed YouTuber, Brit Colin Furze is equally at home with wrenches and blow torch as with writing a book. Wait, what?! Book? Yes. You heard that right. The man who pretty much owns the garage has written a book and as one may have guessed, it is […]

The Art of Ghost In The Shell: The Visuals That Made The Movie Possible

Yeah. We heard and read about the fiasco regarding the live action movie adaption of one of Japan’s most iconic sci-fi anime, Ghost in the Shell. I am a sci-fi nut (short of being a futurist) and so I am not going to be bothered by the so-called ‘white-washing’ or whatever it is that people […]