I am not sure if you are aware that a magazine with free gifts is a huge thing in Japan for the longest time. If you hit up major Japanese bookstores like Kinokuniya, you can find an entire section dedicated to magazines with gifts. Some magazines, I noticed, are pretty thin in content (like literally). In any case, most people buy it for the gift.

Book Black Ver. Magazine with Free PlayStation Bag

The free gifts are pretty quality stuff and often from big brand names like A Bathing Ape, for example. The Book Black Ver. (ISBN: 978-4-299-02962-1) is one example of a gift with a magazine. Though the Book Black Ver. is technically not a magazine. It is a book.

Anywho, Book Black Ver. will come with a small gadget bag in the likeness of the good’ol PlayStation. The bag is officially licensed by PlayStation and it not only has prints that make it look exceedingly like the original Sony console but it is also nearly identical in size.

It measures 265 mm wide, 185 mm deep, and 50 mm thick (about 10.4 x 7.3 x 2 inches). Meanwhile, the original PS was 275 mm wide, 190 mm deep, and 63.5 mm high (10.75 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches).

The PlayStation mini bag features a dual zipper, detailed with PlayStation controller symbols. On the inside, it has a mesh pocket and a liner with a PS logo pattern.

As for the book, it is about the history of, well, PlayStation and also features the top games on PS as voted by fans.

Book Black Ver. Magazine with Free PlayStation Bag

The book is expected to release on June 13, 2022, for 2,068 yen (about 16 bucks). Book Black Ver. is a publication by Tokyo-based Japanese publishing company, Takarajimasha, Inc. And yes, Takarajimasha, Inc.’s online store does support international shipping.

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Images: Takarajimasha, Inc. [JP].

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