Chewbacca Bean Bag Because, It Is Cool As Hoth And So Why Not?

Star Wars’ character Chewbacca is not lacking of fans who he would love to say “uughghhhgh huuguughghg huurh” to (which means “I love you all,” btw), but I am not 100 percent sure if Chewie would love the idea of his worshipers placing their bums on his head, or in this case, his mouth, as […]

Custom Darth Vader Armchair Lets You Chill Like The Sith Lord

The last we heard, being on the dark side was never relaxing, but in the event you do find the time to chill amidst all the chaos and hopeless Stormtrooper shootings, well, then here’s the throne you may want to relax on. Created by Etsy seller DSDStudio, The Dark Side Armchair, as it is called, […]

Spiky Leather Urchin Bean Bag Has A Price As Impressive It’s Aesthetic

What you see here is a bean bag designed in, of all things, the likeness of a sea urchin, but instead dwelling at the bottom of the ocean floor and occasionally being washed up to shore only be eaten by men with the taste for exotic delicacies, it is destined for your bum. Rest assure […]

MÜV Chair Keeps You Moving So You Won’t Be Killed By Sitting All Day Long

Sitting is awesome, but as it turns out, sitting kills more people than we care know. Sounds like a scary prospect, especially for a person like me who stay seated for hours on end. I guess sitting is an example of too much of a good thing. That said, if you jobs require to sit […]

These Furniture Are Arts Inspired By Hong Kong’s Dense Urban Landscape

Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti is best known for beautiful, practical designs ranging from air purifier to smartwatch to suitcases, but little known to us consumers is, he is very much a man of art and thus he does what he does. And that, my friends, bring us to an exciting news. Andrea’s studio, […]

Dear Human’s Transforming Furniture Is Secured By Elastic Bands

A guest room complete with proper bed is a luxury tiny apartments cannot afford and hence, a sofa/bed hybrid presents itself as the ideal solution. But similarly, not everyone who lives in small apartments remain in one place; some tend to move from city to city, and often with their furniture. That said, easily movable […]

Belgian Designers Created Cushy Gold And ‘Vegetables’ Stool You Can Sit On

Furniture is one group of products that is never lacking of innovation and creative designs. We have seen quite of fair number of them here and the Sit On Everything Soft Cube Furniture by Belgium startup Benj&Soto is yet another. In fact, it is not just “yet another”; it is going into our list of […]

Rocky Rocket Armchair Won’t Blast Off, But Its Cool And Possibly, Pricey

When you see a product with a price listed as “Get Price,” you know it ain’t going to be cheap. The Limited Edition Rocky Rocket Armchair from Circu Magical Furniture you see here is one such product and obviously, our eyes are green with envy that Scrooge McDuckians’ offsprings get to rest their butts on […]

Porsche Turns 911 GT3 Body-hugging Seat Into A Swivelling Office Chair

Can’t get you enough of the exhilaration of seating in a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS or GT3? Well, Porsche sure knows you do. The Germany luxury performance car maker has pulled out that lovely, body-hugging seat and turned it into a delightful swivelling office chair, complete with the requisite height adjustment – a continuous one […]

El Purista RA 1:15 Is Probably The Best Thing To Happen For Cigar Lovers

Designers, especially furniture designers, are an artistic bunch. They have the uncontrollable tendency to describe their works in a very poetic manner, such as this one you see here, the El Purista RA 1:15 Smoker’s Armchair. The brainchild behind it, Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and German lawyer (yup, lawyer) Alexander Sauer, described it as a […]