The Craziest Chair Is Not One Of Lava, But One That’s An Aircraft Engine

You know those engines on Boeing 737? Yeah. Those are engines you’d avoid when they are fitted on a working aircraft, hot and ready to go, but this one here is one that you want to sit in. Created by Fallen Furniture, the 737 Cowling Chair, as it is called, is not actually the engine […]

The Woodieful Chair Is A Transformer Furniture Without Transforming

For a tiny space, furniture selection becomes tricky. Have too many of them, you’d be making the small space even smaller and knocking over them every other time. With this in mind, Slovenia-based designer Klavdija Jarc conceived The Woodieful Chair which she refer to as “adaptable piece of furniture.” While it is called a ‘chair’, […]

Swivel Chair Made Out Of 80s Vespa Chassis Is Crazy Awesome

What happens when scrap Vespa turns up in a Vespa-loving design studio? Well, in the case of Spanish firm Bel&Bel, they decided to give it a fresh breath of life. But in this new life, this Vespa won’t be scooting along any road; instead it will be scooting around a home or office as a […]

This Unassuming Box Can Turn an Empty Space into an Abode in a Jiffy

If you move from city to city, state to state, or even country to country often, then it is likely that you rent places and face the problem of new and unfamiliar place void of furnishing. Furnishing an empty space is no issue, as long money is no object, but the hassle is. Imagine you […]

Dutch Company Makes Beautiful Furniture Out of Skateboard Decks

Anyone who skateboards knows that skateboard deck is pretty hardly and makes quite a nice seat when not skateboarding, which is why it makes perfect sense to take comfy deck and turn them into seats that you can use at home. That’s exactly what Breda, The Netherlands-based outfit Baked/Roast, which is an anagram of the […]

The Tipsy Stool: When Rocking Chair Meets A Stool

what has a rocking chair and a stool have in common? absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t stop Tinsel & Timber from marrying the two together to create this unique rocking stool. no typo here. it is really a stool that rocks – literally. (very aptly) dubbed Tipsy Stool, this rocking stool is handcrafted from solid […]

Chairless Chair Is A Half Exoskeleton That Lets You Sit Anywhere, At The Height Of Your Choosing

while most desk bound folks are encourage to stand when the work on their computer, other folks whose jobs required them to stand all day long would probably wish for the opposite. due to the nature of some jobs, seats may do more harm to the work than good. therein lies the long term health […]

LCW Chair

Charles Eames was a colossus of design responsible for dozens of pieces of hugely iconic and visually superb designer furniture and whilst he is perhaps best known for the likes of the DSW chair and his inimitable lounge chair and ottoman, he also created many other pieces of stunning furniture such as the LCW chair…

Thonet Chairs

Interior design isn’t something that is always easy for men and we often don’t know where to begin when it comes to finding items with which to fill our homes so we will typically rely upon staple pieces of designer furniture that have been successful and iconic for generations and one such type of furniture…

Bentley Home Collection

among the many things that Bentley Motors is proud of, is the exquisite interior that is signature to the British automaker’s luxury fleet. if you long for such lavishness outside of your automobile and have, at some point in time, even contemplated sleeping over in your Flying Spur, then there are three things you could do.