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keeping your data safe in concrete cast USB flash drive

kix berlin usbéton USB Flash Drive 544x508px
(credit: ausberlin) kix berlin usbéton USB Flash Drive | €45.00 | www.ausberlin.de

unbeknownst to many, concrete gets stronger over time. beside being incredibly robust, unfinished concrete also lends an industrial look to any architecture. if you appreciate the raw concrete appeal on an architecture, then the kix berlin usbéton should appeal to you too. the usbéton is a piece of modern technology cast over with concrete, creating an industrial-look USB flash drive. it comes in either 1 GB or 4GB storage capacity Continue reading keeping your data safe in concrete cast USB flash drive

it ain’t heavy, it is my cast-concrete personal computer

Concretronic by D.Heiße main 544x688px
being a geek who once love customizing PC, i can’t help but to scour the net for some out of this world custom PC case mods. there are thousands of laudable mods, but none as heavy as this concrete PC case – literally. yes, concrete isn’t reserved for architectures, PC could have some use of this hardy material too.

the brain behind this industrial-look PC, aptly called Concretronic (concrete plus electronics, get it?), is modder D.Heiße who did this stunning custom for a modding contest. the case is made from a single, seamless layer of concrete wrapped around a metal structure and plexiglass.

metal parts are either hand-cut or machined and power coated in white. D.Heiße even took the pain to form up the concrete-cast power and hard-drive indicators. the concrete assault doesn’t stop there, even the SDD and HDD has concrete-cast covers. awesome work! this is one PC that has to be on the floor, or risk breaking the desk.

via Technabob