This Death Star Bluetooth Speaker Can Playback More Than Imperial March

Death Star is a nasty faux Moon that is capable of obliterating smaller planets to oblivion. It basically spells death and hence the name. However, this Death Star here is a miniature replica that will do a lot less harm than the actual thing. In fact, it is one Death Star that both Imperial fanatics […]

Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual

looking up to the sky, we suspect that no one needs this book because none of us owns a Death Star, but if you so happen to own one (clever you for keeping it so secretive the whole time), you probably need the Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual: Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station (Haynes, ISBN 978-08041766143)

Death Star Wall Tiles by Tom Spina Designs

we don’t need to reiterated how building a Death Star is never going to be economically viable – even if all the world economy comes together. so let just say that these Death Star Wall Tiles by Tom Spina Designs will be your best bet in getting the Death Star look you so desires, sans the planet-obliterating superlaser