TRITON Portable Oxygen Respirator

judging from the limited number of diving-related gears here, it is obvious diving is not right up my alley and for good reasons, though. i have an irrational fear of open waters (thanks to JAWS for scaring my life during my childhood. i hate you Spielberg!) and my understanding (or misunderstanding?) of the risks surrounding the use of scuba diving gears

Bell & Ross BR02 Steel Diving Watch

Bell & Ross are a luxury watchmaker with a mightily impressive back catalogue of timepieces and what they lack in heritage (having only been founded as recently as 1992) they more than make up for with their exemplary collection of luxury watches and it is their aviation and diving watches for which they are possibly

SAMS Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

with well over 800 shark attacks over the last two hundred years or so in Australia alone, there is little reason why divers and surfers shouldn’t be worried. however, a new type of camouflage wetsuit jointly developed by Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) and Ocean Institute at University of Western Australia, dubbed the SAMS Shark Deterrent Wetsuits might help in reducing the odds of you being snack on the next time in take a dip into the open water.