Fujifilm Launches Entry Level Instax Mini 11 With Automatic Exposure And Selfie Mode

“Instant gratification” has changed since the arrival of digital cameras. However “instant” the gratification maybe with a digital camera, it is still missing one “instant” and that is print. Oh, wait. Never mind.

Fujifilm’s New Instax Camera Lets You Print Audio Onto Instant Photos

Either I am totally out-of-touch with what young people love to do, or Fujifilm here may be introducing a novelty feature in its latest instant camera that people did not ask for. We are referring to the new Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay Instant Camera. It is an instant camera (or more correctly, instant print camera …

Fujifilm instax SQUARE Printer May Just Make Printing Photos Fun Again

Thanks to the popularity of Instagram, square format images are again a thing (it should always be anyways). Personally, I don’t favor square format photos, except when they are printed and if you are on the same page as me, well, good news to us, because Fujifilm has a new printer that does square print …

This $14,000 Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver Globe-Trotter Kit Comes Bundled With An iPad

For every gear, there is always a more exclusive (and often pricier) version out there, you know, for the willing ones to splurge on. When it comes to photography, the same holds true and such is what the Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver Limited Edition Globe-Trotter Kit has to offer: a lavish camera kit geared at …

FUJIFILM X-A1 Interchangeable Lens Camera

don’t be fooled by its entry-level status. the FUJIFILM X-A1 Interchangeable Lens Camera is the Japanese camera maker’s shot at giving what a serious photographer need without ripping a huge hole in the wallet. while being compact and lightweight (it tips the scale at just 330 grams or 11.6 oz.), it still packs quite a punch

FUJIFILM Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

personally, i think the Instax Mini is kind of a girl thing. why? because of its cute hardware design, and not to mention the cute little instax paper that it turns out. don’t get me wrong; i, like most geeks, love some occasional dose of instant photography, but the adorable camera just makes me cringe.

FUJIFILM X-M1 Compact System Camera

continuing its obsession with retro-style consumer imaging devices, the FUJIFILM X-M1 Compact System Camera gives you the power of DSLR without the bulk and heft, along with a styling that any self-respecting shutterbug would die for (well, maybe not that serious, but it is a pretty little thing, alright). sporting a 16.3MP

FUJIFILM X100S Digital Camera

the FUJIFILM X100 has gathered quite a following and we suspect its successor is going be the same, if not better. sporting a similar retro-classic design, the new FUJIFILM X100S Digital Camera features several improvements over its predecessor. touted as a “high speed successor to the X100”, the X100S boast a newly-developed, monster-size…

FUJIFILM XF1 Digital Camera

if you notice, camera is the last gadget to ever receive a futuristic look. if we put performance aside, there’s no ‘future-look’ camera around and for a good reason: they look best in their retro-style form. and the latest to satisfy our insatiable love for vintage-look shooters without sweeping our bank accounts squeaky clean is the FUJIFILM XF1 Digital Camera. however…