You Can Even Add A Robotic Arm To The Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone

While underwater drones aka ROVs aka unmanned sea vehicles are not as prevalent as its sky-soaring counterpart, they are plentiful in the market nonetheless. But what if you are looking to capture beyond breathtaking underwater scenery? Well, that calls for the Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone. This is pro stuff anyone can buy.

Geneinno’s 6-Thruster Underwater Drone Is Now On Indiegogo

After listed on Chinese online platform Taobao a few months ago and shortly after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Chinese underwater drone maker Geneinno is now taking pre-order for its unconventional 6-thruster underwater imaging drone. With a starting price of $799, it is the most affordable underwater drone on the market with the highest available water […]

Geneinno 6-Thruster Underwater Imaging Drone Is Listed On Taobao

Geneinno has removed the silhouette that hides the Geneinno Titan Underwater Imaging Drone we spoke about earlier this year. Sporting a black and orange body, Geneinno’s newest undermanned underwater vehicle (UUV) features a rather unconventional design with six outboard thrusters which bestow it with the ability to rotate 360-degree and achieve a top speed of […]

China’s Geneinno To Bring Poseidon I And New Underwater Drones To CES

China-based underwater drone maker, Geneinno, has been around for quite a while, but it is only this year, the team is taking its unmanned underwater vehicle, or UUV, to the world’s biggest electronic show, CES in Vegas. The company will be showcasing the Poseidon I underwater drone to establish its presence. Powered by three thrusters, […]