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HP Introduces 3D-scanning PC with Projected Second Screen, Heralds the New Era of Computing

HP used to be the brand name that leads the way in innovations, but somewhere along the 75 years in existence, they seem to have lost it. Now, it is set to get back on the innovation track, starting with this futuristic 3D-scanning PC with second projected screen called Sprout. Even the product name is a huge departure from the company’s usual naming practices, but beyond namesake, it is essentially a Windows 8 desktop PC (Windows 8.1 64, to be precise) that boast a dual-screen creative console with a built-in projector that will cast a second screen on a mousepad-like surface, a touch-enabled display and the said 3D scanner. Sprout falls under HP’s Blended Reality ecosystem with the aim to offer an advanced desktop computer with “immersive, natural user interface” that will provide users with a whole new computing experience. Continue reading HP Introduces 3D-scanning PC with Projected Second Screen, Heralds the New Era of Computing

This 1977 HP LED Calculator Watch Is Probably The Grandaddy Of Today’s Smartwatch

the 1977 Hewlett-Packard HP-01 Chrome Prototype LED Calculator Watch is a gadget of the bygone era which we think any geeks will appreciate. created by HP engineers in 1977, this wrist watch was the most technologically advanced intelligent timepiece that was well ahead of its time and could easily be the forefather of today’s smartwatches. sure. it has no touchscreen or gesture commands, but under the hood, it is every bit of a technological marvel. the watch has a narrow, but ample, LED display and a keypad with 28 keys, of which 22 are recessed, useable with a clasp-hidden stylus, while 6 buttons are protruding and can be pressed without stylus. Continue reading This 1977 HP LED Calculator Watch Is Probably The Grandaddy Of Today’s Smartwatch

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HP Michael Bastian Smartwatch HP is Working With Gilt And Michael Bastian To Develop A Stylish Smartwatch
want a smartwatch to go with your suit? then look out for this yet-to-named, HP smartwatch. HP have chose to partner with Gilt and fashion designer Michael Bastian to come up with a smartwatch that will have stainless steel case, a choice of rubber or leather straps, and of course, a round face. LEARN MORE. [via]

FormNation E-Ink Smartphone FormNation Wants Phone To Last For A Month By Going On E-ink
Pleasantville fans keep your fingers crossed, cos’ if FormNation has its way, life will be awesomely painted in black and white. it has came up with a concept phone that uses e-ink for affordability and of course, battery endurance, and it wants you to appreciate the beauty of black and white. LEARN MORE. [via]
The Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Maker The Barisieur Wants You To Wake Up To The Smell Of Coffee
the Barisieur is an alarm clock and coffee maker rolled into one. when the set time is reached, it starts boiling the water necessary for dripping the coffee of your choice. it comes complete with a digital display, a vial for milk, and a drawer for your ground coffee and sugar. about £250. LEARN MORE. [via]
Emanuele Pizzolorusso Fold Pot For Zincere Fold Pot Grows With Your Plant So You Don’t Need To Repot
growing potted plants can be a lot fun, but repotting them is not necessary fun. to eliminate the need for repotting, designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso came up with the idea of a folding pot. made of silicone, this rubber pot has its side folded down and can be extended as the plant grows. LEARN MORE. [via]
Thanko Thumb Extender This Fake Thumb Will Extend Your Reach Of Your Thumb For Big Phones
Thanko has a thumb extender for those who find today’s handsets are a little too big to handle. with it slipped on, it will add a couple of inches, allowing you to reach far across your large screen phone. it has a capacitive tip on the end, so tapping and swiping shouldn’t be an issue. 1,480 Yen. BUY. [via]
VivaLnk Digital Tattoo For Moto X VivaLnk Wants You To Unlock Your Moto X Phone With This Digital Tattoo
ok, maybe it is not the tattoo, tattoo, but this nickel-sized digital tattoo sticks to your wrist or wherever convenient will allow you to unlock the Moto X with a simple touch so you can shave a second or two each time you need to check on your phone. each sticker can be worn up to 5 days. a pack of 10 for $9.99. BUY.

HP Chromebook 11

though prices of laptops have came down significantly as compared to what they were a couple of years ago, they are still not quite as affordable as some may have anticipated. speaking of affordability, if you eat and breathe Cloud (in particular, Google’s kind of Cloud), then we seriously think Chromebooks such as this HP Chromebook 11 might be worthy of your consideration. powered by Google’s Chrome OS, this machine is lightweight and compact, weighing just a little over 2 pounds (2.3 lbs, or 1.024 kilograms, to be exact) and measuring 297 x 192 x 17.6 millimeters, making it an ease to lug around. Continue reading HP Chromebook 11

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

yes. the HP Prime Graphing Calculator is a calculator that HP wants you to buy. in an age where smartphone can pretty much do everything a scientific calculator can with apps that cost no more than a few bucks, it is hard to imagine a dedicated device will be of any interest. however, for those still pursuing their education may have some need for such device and in that case, the Prime might be one of the coolest, if not the most stylish, calculator you can get. the Prime is not just any graphing calculator, it is one equipped with a 3.5-inch multitouch color display and supports a host of different apps. mathematics-related apps, that is and you probably find Angry Birds here. nevertheless, it is one heck of a looker with its metal body in brushed finished and nice retro touch with its angled keys. as to why angled keys instead of the usuals? Continue reading HP Prime Graphing Calculator

HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

perhaps the Chromebook Pixel’s $1,300 price tag is a bit hard to accept for a ‘bare’ minimal laptop. so if you can do without fancy aluminum alloy chassis and a pretty uber high resolution display, but still want to speediness provided by Chrome OS, then you might want to give the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook a thought. costing just $329.99, what this HP variant of the Chromebook has to offer is basically the same as what other makers like Acer, Samsung have: the ‘lightweight’ Chrome OS that requires you to live most of your laptop computing life in the cloud. Continue reading HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

HP Slate 7 Android Tablet with Beats Audio

if you are in the market for a tablet with ‘big’ sound, then you are in luck. HP has announced the HP Slate 7 Android Tablet, the industry’s first slate to come equipped with Beats Audio. while not everyone is agreeable with Beats Audio, it is still a nice touch to have ‘better-than-stock’ audio on a tablet, and the best part is, it won’t break your bank a bit. the HP Slate 7 Android Tablet with Beats Audio not only gives HP the bragging rights to sound reproduction coming out of a 7″ tablet, but also place it among the most affordable Jelly Bean-powered slate in the market at just $169 a pop when it hits the stores this April in stateside. Continue reading HP Slate 7 Android Tablet with Beats Audio

HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor with Beats Audio

HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor with Beats Audio
still not into All-in-One (AIO) PC? then perhaps this new HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor with Beats Audio might be of an interest to you. as you might have already noticed, the star of this new ENVY monitor is naturally, the Beats Audio. the HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor features built-in speakers that are developed in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre and designed to be angled upward for “great midrange and high frequencies, with equally rich bass.” we understand that when it comes to Beats, it is either you love it or hate it but as far as real sounds are concerned, we think they are pretty awesome Continue reading HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor with Beats Audio

HP SpectreONE

HP SpectreONE All-In-One PC
HP SpectreONE | from US$1,299.00 | www.hp.com

Apple revolutionized the desktop computer market with all-in-one concept years ago and though it offers anti-clutter folks much reprieve from the usual nest of wires, they are anything but affordable. thanks to the myriad of brands out in the market, PC users don’t have to suffer the same burn-a-hole-in-your-wallet fate. however, not all-in-ones are worthy of a mention as far as aesthetic is concerned. speaking of which, the HP SpectreONE is among one of the few all-in-one that doesn’t look lame, in fact, we thought it look pretty sleek Continue reading HP SpectreONE