Honda NSX Prototype Hybrid All-Wheel Drive Supercar

the NSX is like a promised made to a child that never kept. through the years, we have been teased and witnessed the prototype hit the tracks, but never a piece of news that indicates it is anything but mythical – until now. described as a ground-breaking supercar, the NSX is propelled forth by an innovative three-motor Sport…

Honda Mean Mower

when it comes to lawn mower, a little brute horsepower won’t hurt, but speed is almost never on the agenda. but the Honda Mean Mower you see here, defies the convention. developed in collaboration with Team Dynamics, Honda UK’s British Touring Car Championship partner, this lean mean lawn trimmer puts out 109 horses and 96 Nm of torque from its 1,000cc

2014 Honda Grom Motorcycle

is it a street bike or is it or is it a scooter? actually, the 2014 Honda Grom Motorcycle sits in the middle of the two, and therefore, it is kind of a bit of both. you can say it is a scooter, but it looks way mature than that but yet, it is a two-wheeler that anyone old enough to have a license can handle, well, at least that’s why Honda is telling everyone.

Honda Toaster Oven

Honda makes automobile, motorcycles, outboard motors and possibly, in near future, aircraft but a toaster? not that we have heard of but here it is, right before our disbelieving eyes, a Honda Toaster Oven from Sunbeam. what’s more unbelievable is, this vintage-style toaster is made from an actual Honda motorcycle gas tank (we know you

Honda Gear Concept Study Model

if you thought Acura has stolen the lime light from its mothership at the recent Detroit Auto Show, then perhaps the Honda Gear Concept Study Model should do the core brand a wee bit of justice. we know it is just one car but that’s enough for us cos’ the Gear is looking so damn sexy that we each want to have one now…

Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower

impressed by Honda’s ASIMO robot? too bad you can’t own one to wait on you but come 2013, another Honda robot, the Miimo, will be serving the folks in Europe with one specialized chore: lawn mowing. yes, you heard that right. Honda is ready to make its robotic lawn mower commercially available to anyone who is willing to pay the price. apart from its obvious…