HTC Butterfly S Smartphone

need a big phone with really BIG sound? well, here’s one to watch out for: the new HTC Butterfly S smartphone. sporting the same 5″ Full HD super LCD 3 display, packing in 440 ppi, the ‘S’ iteration now boast a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, clocking in at 1.9GHz and 2GB of RAM. speed bump aside, the real star of show is a trio of features that are found on the firm’s flagship

A Quick Look: The HTC One

only until recently we get to spend some quality time (albeit a rather short one) with the HTC One and boy, did we surprised ourselves. before we proceed further, do note that this article is not an in-depth review but more of a quick look, and to be honest we can’t really give a true to the circuit board opinions unless we have eat, sleep, and live

HTC First with Facebook Home

are you obsessed with Facebook? like, really, really obsessed? then the HTC First with Facebook Home is the smartphone of choice for you. though handsets that centers around Facebook are not new, the HTC First stands out as one that has a little more influence. so how will Facebook Home benefits your obsession with Facebook?

HTC One Smartphone

for Android fans out there, or more specifically, HTC fans, the wait for the Taiwanese firm’s next flagship smartphone is over. the new HTC One Smartphone is has finally been unveiled today in London and New York, simultaneously (actually, not quite as London’s side experienced a slight delay). sporting a 4.7-inch full HD display that boasts 468 ppi

HTC Butterfly Smartphone

it is hard to ignore a good handset and it is even harder to ignore their sometimes colorful model names. case in point: the HTC Butterfly Smartphone. though looking at its spec sheet, it could very be a smartphone that has both the specs and the name that we can’t look past. from what we heard, Singapore is among the first country to have a confirmed…


although we may never be able to lay our hands on the DROID DNA by HTC but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating its beauty. the DROID DNA sports a slim form factor and a deep black, soft-touch back that beckons you to hold it while red accents on the earpiece grill, microgrill patterned sidewalls, main camera bezel and Beats Audio branding breaks the monotony of the…

HTC One X+ Smartphone

feeling the need for (smartphone) speed? we suppose today’s consumers have little trouble in finding one that’s not faster than another. with company like HTC who are constantly fine-tuning their popular handsets to achieve even higher performance benchmark, it is indeed hard to keep your money in your pockets. the recently announced HTC One X+…

Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC

so you thought Nokia is the only source for loyal Windows Phone user? not anymore as HTC has kept its promised of its continual support for the pioneer of smartphone. latest to join the still lackluster Windows Phone family are the Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC. for a start, consumers will not miss these phones as they sport an attractive unibody design…