Eat: World’s Most Luxurious Club Sandwich

feeling the need treat your stomach to some lavishness? well, we say, travel to Hong Kong and get yourself some of the World’s Most Luxurious Club Sandwich. costing a cool 480 Hong Kong Dollars (about US$62), this extraordinary priced culinary creation out-price those in Geneva, which is the current “record holder” on

The Greatest Band Ever Print [Poster]

calling all rock music lover. open before us is a rare opportunity to vote for your all-time favorite band and see how they pit against other bands in a printed infographic poster for real. this is not a dream, well, it will be a dream if these dudes don’t get your support via the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The Greatest Band Ever Print by

Infographic: Cost to drive to Mars

now. we all know we can’t actually fly to Mars yet, let alone drive there. come on dude, Mars is like 352 million miles (dependent on the orbital paths) away from Earth which would takes months to get there. in geek’s term, this means that whatever gadgets you bring there could be old technology by the time you reach there. which also means the cost of…

Infographic: What’s Apple actually worth?

you know. talk about Apple never cease especially when its worth (as determined by the market) was made known and made even spicier by the fact that the Cupertino’s tech firm’s cash on hand is more than that of the U.S. government. then again, if the number of $619 billion (note the ‘b‘ not ‘m‘) doesn’t make any sense to the regular…