feeling the need treat your stomach to some lavishness? well, we say, travel to Hong Kong and get yourself some of the World’s Most Luxurious Club Sandwich. costing a cool 480 Hong Kong Dollars (about US$62), this extraordinary priced culinary creation out-price those in Geneva, which is the current “record holder” on the annual Club Sandwich Index (yes, there’s actually such an index), averaging at $30.45. the $62 a piece delectable opulence is available at The Parlour at Hullett House Hotel from June 15 to August 31 this year. according to the Executive Sous Chef at Hullett House, Peter Lee, this pricey gastronomical sandwiches are packed with exquisite (and no doubt expensive) ingredients such as Beluga Caviar, A5 Wagyu beef, Balik salmon, sliced black pork bacon, Iberico ham, Belgian figs, sliced Roma tomato, Romaine lettuce, cucumber, French chicken, Italian organic egg, mayonnaise, mesclun salad and green asparagus, sandwiched between three slices of crustless, lightly toasted bread.

speaking on behalf of the establishment behind the Club Sandwich Index, Hotels.com, Alison Couper said the Club Sandwich Index was created back in 2011 as a “perfect spending barometer, helping tourists factor into their travel plans the everyday cost of simple items such as food and drink.” the CSI forms an indicative of the “affordability” of the place where you will be traveling to and let you have a gauge of how far your bills can stretch in a particular country. btw, the CSI average price is a calculation of the actual prices guests paid for a Club Sandwich across 30 hotels in the capital or a popular tourist city of each country. all in all, a total of 840 hotels around the world were surveyed, across five, four and three-star categories. so if you feeling rich, then head on down to Hullett House in Hong Kong between now till August 31 and treat yourself to this lavish food – and do drop us a quick review in the comment below if you did. meanwhile, you might what to check out the result of the findings i.e. the Club Sandwich Index aka the Club Sandwich Top 28 for 2013 in the infographic below.

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Club Sandwich Index 2013

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