The Impossible Project’s First Instant Camera Can Be Controlled With An App

Good news, fans of instant photography. The Impossible Project’s first instant camera is official. The I-1, as it is called, brings together best of two worlds: the world of good’ol analog instant camera and the world of digital controls. Sporting a design unlike what you may have seen, this odd-shape camera could be described as …

Polaroid’s New Snap Instant Digital Camera Prints Instantly without Ink as You Shoot, Cost Just 99 Bucks

Actually, there’s probably nothing much to sell about the newly announced Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, except that it is new, a tad sleeker and cost just 99 bucks when it lands in stores in Q4 this year. Sporting the iconic Polaroid Color Spectrum design on a choice of background color, it snaps 10MP stills, …

This Instant Camera Lets You Take Multiple Exposures And Infinite Long Exposures

until now, instant photography and lo-fi photography remains as two largely separate worlds, but with Lomography’s latest venture, The Lomo’Instant Camera, it merges the two, offering you the instant gratification with doses of lo-fi photography that Lomography has carved a name for itself. expect to add color filters, take brilliant multiple exposures and long exposures, …

The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

today’s context of instant gratification is more than just instant print photography; we, like most connected earthlings, have the compulsive urge to share, and this is where The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is going to fill the void as left by the traditional instant camera and digital camera.

FUJIFILM Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

personally, i think the Instax Mini is kind of a girl thing. why? because of its cute hardware design, and not to mention the cute little instax paper that it turns out. don’t get me wrong; i, like most geeks, love some occasional dose of instant photography, but the adorable camera just makes me cringe.