Here Are The Details And Images Of The Kalashnikov Military Electric Bike

Last year, Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov surprises the world with the announcement of an electric bike designed specifically for Russian military. Back then, we did not have a lot of details, including the name or model. We sort of know it is driven by an electric motor with 15 kW (20 HP) peak power and […]

Yikes. Maker Of AK-47 Assault Rifle Revealed Kamikaze Drone

Drones that kill are nothing new, but one that reminds the world of the horrific images of Japanese’s WWII warplanes doing Kamikaze run is disturbingly new. Such was what maker of AK-47 assault rifle, Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov, has unveiled. Jointly developed by Kalashnikov and Russian UAV specialist ZALA AERO, this unmanned combat aerial system […]

Kalashnikov Has A Civilian Electric Bike And A Twizy-like Electric Car

Famed Russian maker of the super robust assault rifle AK-47, Kalashnikov just can’t stop churning out more news. But no, it is not turning out more killing machines. Instead, it has a black-and-red themed civilian electric motorcycle based on the made-for-military and law enforcement electric two-wheel off-roader revealed last year.

Kalashnikov Wants To Take On Tesla With This Decidedly Retro Electric Car

Tesla electric cars are sleek, but you know what really pleases my eyes? High-tech cars that take on a retro look. Having said that, you bet that I am all up for this Kalashnikov CV-1 Electric Supercar Concept. Yes. That is the Kalashnikov, the Russian company best known for its super robust assault rifle, AK-47. […]

Maker Of AK-47 Wants To Make A Robocop’s ED-09-like Mecha Robot

Well, what do you know? Kalashnikov, the Russian arm manufacturer best known for its AK-47 assault rifle, is not just into making electric motorcycle for the military, it apparently also has the desire to build a mecha robot. That’s right, the statue-like mecha robot, that looked suspiciously like ED-209 from 1987’s Robocop, you see here […]

Maker Of AK-47 Is Now Making Electric Bikes For Russian Military Too

Kalashnikov Group, better known for its AK-47 assault rifle, is venturing into an entirely new military segment. The Russia’s largest arms manufacturer is making electric bikes, designed specifically for use by the Russian military and law enforcement agency. According to Kalashnikov, 50 units will be deployed by Russian Police at the 2018 World Cup. Subsequently, […]