au by KDDI Announces New 5.2” QHD HTC Butterfly Smartphone in Japan

These days, it takes more than one flagship device to survive in the wildly competitive smartphone market, well, at least that’s what we thought. How else would you explain the launching two flagships by Samsung in March? While HTC didn’t quite explicitly refers the latest Butterfly incarnation, the J Butterfly (and likely Butterfly 3 in […]

KDDI Announced Transparent Firefox Phone Designed Tokujin Yoshioka

This Christmas, fans of Firefox OS in Japan has something to rejoice. Japan telecommunication company KDDI is now offering a limited edition transparent Firefox OS-powered smartphone designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, marketed under the firm’s “au by KDDI” cellular services arm. The idea behind the clear polycarbonate enclosure is inline with Firefox’s ethos of openness and […]

What We Have Missed: Day 210, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

Soto Pocket Torch Turns Regular Lighter Into A Wind-resistant Burner if you use a lighter, you will know to use cheap disposal ones and you will also know the frustration when lighting in windy condition. the solution? the Soto Pocket Torch. it will turn almost any regular lighter into a mini blowtorch, outputting a flame […]

Kyocera DIGNO S LTE Smartphone

Kyocera is not usually a brand known for mobile phones outside of Japan. if you ask me, i’d say that i am more familiar with their photocopier machines than anything else. for the uninitiated, the Japanese firm have been making mobile phones for quite a while now and though unaware to us, the gai-jin, they are actually doing quite well. in fact, they have just announced a…