You Can Teach Your Dog to do Video Calls (and Among Other Things) with Makey Makey GO

Invention is really not Cade Yeager’s forte and if he so insist like he did in the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, think he could use a little help from Makey Makey GO. It won’t help pay the bills, but at least he will get the satisfaction of inventing something and not failing. Just saying… […]

Codie: A Toy Robot That Teaches Your Kid The Fundamentals of Coding without Touching the Keyboard

Programming, or now better known as coding, isn’t the easiest of things to pick up. Students have to possess the right mindset, i.e. imagination, to begin with and obviously, not everyone can visualize what a string of command would do. I remember when I first started learning BASIC on those old Windows machines, I was […]

Car Service Station Playset Lets Your Kids Experience The Process Of Servicing A Real Car

rather than let your kids grow up with violence-intended action figures, why not let them learning, or at least experience, something more wholesome like servicing a car, for example? well, if you are all up for it, then the Theo Klein Car Service Station is exactly the toy to get for your kids. featuring a […]

You Can Be An Electrifying Maestro With This Miniature Tesla Kit

if you are into all things electric, we bet you will be thrilled to be experimenting on faraday’s cage. what? too basic? how about building yourself a Tesla coil then? you know? the almost magical electrical invention that is essentially a resonant transformer that builds up extremely high voltages using AC electricity at high frequency, […]

Keep Your Kids Away From Grown Up Consoles With This Video Gaming System For Kids

however game developers try, the games made for today’s game console is still not tame enough for the very young ones. i mean all those games are so grown up and not to mention, lack of educational elements. so obviously, there is a void there to be filled, oh wait, actually that void has just […]

Printeer Opens Up The World Of 3D Printing To Your Young Ones

we have already gotten kids started with touch devices and coding, well, why not engage them in the world of 3D printing too? sounds cool? but there’s just one slight problem here. today’s 3D printers, though touting ease of use, is not necessary the easiest for kids (whiz kids, excluded) and hence, the birth of […]

Micro Phone Lens 150x

the idea of field microscopes have been thrown around quite a bit, but however brilliant those ideas are, it will never be as portable as the one that slips into your pocket day in and day out. yes. we are talking about turning your smartphone into a powerful microscope and the Micro Phone Lens 150x is the accessory…

Foldscope: Origami-based Folding Microscope

the Foldscope, which is a folding microscope inspired by the art of origami, has to be the science news of the week despite the video has already made the round since last week. developed by students James Cybulski and James Clements of Stanford University’s School of Medicine, led by Assistant Professor Manu Prakash, the Foldscope costs…

EZ Robot Revolution Kits

you’ll be surprised how many people are into robotic developments, but lacks of the knowhow and budget to pursue this fascinating hobby. that was in the past where one basic servo could cost 60 bucks upward, but thanks to company like EZ Robot, tinkering and educating yourself about robot is no longer reserved for rich…

Urban Beehive by Philips

we always talk about having more vegetation and farming to balance the concrete jungle, but one thing we may have looked past is pollination, which bees have been doing for us. urbanization drives the bees out and hence, flowers will not strive in cities. with this in mind, Philips proposed the Urban Beehive concept that is…