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Bentley lifestyle products include iPad and smartphone cases

Bentley iPad and Smartphone cases 544x388px
(image credit: Bentley) Bentley iPad and Smartphone cases | from £45.00 | www.bentleymotors.com

it’s a norm for luxury automotive brand to move into lifestyle products to capture the heart and mind of their target consumers. Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and among the many others have been doing it and now, Bentley is entering the game with a few leather products that are made from the same hide that are used in Bentley cars. the company that does Bentley’s leather interior is none other than Ettinger, a company that has been hand-crafting leather pieces for the last 70 years. Continue reading Bentley lifestyle products include iPad and smartphone cases

move over leather, quilted leather is the new name in style

HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case main 544x311px
(image credit: H by Harris) H by Harris Quilted Leather iPad Case | £165.00 | www.hbyharris.com

black speaks of sophistication and quilted leather exemplifies classical luxurious style which is what the black quilted leather iPad case from H by Harris represents. we have seen countless leather iPad case but this one stands out from the leathery crowd. this H by Harris item features a double black zip side closure, one narrow oblong pocket and two large internal pockets, and of course, slapped with a handsome designer’s plague. the exterior is of 100% leather and the interior, cotton twill lining.

H by Harris Quilted Leather iPad Case measures 11-inches by 8.5-inches and retails at £165.00 (about US$266) from Browns online store. not exactly cheap, but that’s the price of luxury – just in case you don’t already know. if the quilted leather iPad case isn’t enough for the quilted leather lover folks, H by Harris has a collection of quilted leather goods including laptop case, backpack, tote, weekend bag and an very unique jacket that has a zip-on backpack on its back.

images horizontal 544x38px 
HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case - zipped 540x540px HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case - opened 540x540px

Dunhill wallet only opens up with a touch of your fingerprint

Dunhill Biometric Wallet main 544x398px
(image credit: Dunhill) Dunhill Biometric Wallet | US$825.00 | www.dunhill.com

if you loathe people fishing through your wallet indiscriminately or simply don’t wish to let pickpockets have their day with your wallet, then Dunhill has a solution that’s tailored exactly for such situations. dubbed the Biometric Wallet, it is touted to be virtually indestructible and it will only opens up with the touch of your fingerprint.

the security feature doesn’t stop there, the wallet, if linked via Bluetooth to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, will sound an alarm if the mobile and the wallet are separated by more than 5-meters. a security feature that is certainly a necessity as you won’t want to be misplacing a $825 wallet.

Dunhill Biometric Wallet - interior 544x311px

aside from its racy exterior which is constructed from highly durable carbon fiber material, the interior of the wallet is of leather featuring credit card holders and stainless steel money clip. it’s a pricey wallet but it is, after all, a Dunhill and it don’t just keep your cash, but secures them too. that’s two security features for a price of one, sounds like a bargain to me.

Pocket Phone Case store your phone and Credit Cards

Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case main 544x311px
(image credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case | €49.00 | www.hardgraft.com

not every one uses a wallet or purse (for ladies) but we still do need to carry some cash one way or another. however, there are times we just want to grab our phone, some cash or credit cards and hit the club and that’s where the Hard Graft‘s Pocket Phone Case comes in. it has a pocket that fits your phone between two layers of 3-mm thick asphalt or concrete grey wool and it also has a leather pocket that will hold two credits and some cash. ideal for those who prefer to ‘travel light’ especially on those chill out sessions. Continue reading Pocket Phone Case store your phone and Credit Cards

luxurious all rounder bag combo targets the rich jet-setters

Mark Giusti Saddle Leather Travel Bag main 544x386p
(image credit: Mark/Giusti) Mark/Giusti ‘Jet Set’ Saddle Leather Travel Bag | £3,100.00 | www.markgiusti.com

there is something about leather goods that’s mysteriously alluring or perhaps, it only applies to yours truly here. speaking of which we want to feature this new leather goods from luxury brand Mark/Giusti that speaks of both luxury and sophistication at the same time. introducing the limited edition ‘Jet Set’ Saddle Leather Travel Bag, especially handcrafted by Mark/Giusti for 20ltd.com. Continue reading luxurious all rounder bag combo targets the rich jet-setters

Review: Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet – Lending the Italian class to your Gadget

(image credit: mike) Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet | €65.00 | www.hardgraft.com

Another new addition to Hard Graft‘s lifestyle accessory assortment is this Phone Fold wallet, designed for iPhone. Receiving the wallet in an origami inspired multifold package was a pleasant surprise. Such attention to the overall presentation was certainly appreciated. For a moment, I was actually at war with myself whether to open it at risk of ruining the envelope. My eagerness to check out the real deal eventually triumphed.

Hard Graft iPhone Wallet - the packaging 544px
the origami inspired packaging – to open or not to open?

Continue reading Review: Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet – Lending the Italian class to your Gadget

leathery messenger: Knomo Kobe Soft Messenger Bag

Knomo Kobe Soft Messenger open 544px
(photo credit: knomobags.com) Knomo Kobe Soft Messenger | US$285 | www.knomobags.com

Knomo has a new bag in town in the form of the Kobe Soft Messenger bag. the Kobe features full grain cow hide leather and recycle PET fabric exterior with brushed nickel hardware, should fit a 15-inch laptop nicely along with other miscellaneous items.

if fabric or nylon messenger does not speak of the executive-ness in you, then the leather item is the way to go. i love leather stuff but usually that love does not applied to messenger, but this one from Knomo looks pretty sleek. the interior is of soft fabric lining with scotch guard coating.

the bag features several compartments, among them is a quilted laptop pouch with high density foam around the base to help cushion any knocks. i say, Kobe is nice on first look, but quite hefty price for a messenger. the Kobe will be available end of the month.

Knomo Kobe Soft Messenger 544px 
Knomo Kobe Soft Messenger 544px
(photo credit: knomobags.com)

Hard Graft 2UNFOLD laptop bag & iPhone 4 Phone Fold Wallet

Hard Graft 2UNFOLD multi-use laptop bag 544px
(photo source: shop.hardgraft.com)
Hard Graft 2UNFOLD Laptop Bag. it’s a briefcase, shoulder bag, backpack, a courier and clutch bag, depending on how you fold it. tanned leather never look this good. this hand-made in Italy leather good is a perfect choice if you are lugging both your laptop and iPad along. aside from stowing away your laptop, there’s a enlarged zipper compartment that can fit your iPad fitted with Hard Graft’s iPad case and an internal compartment with zipper for your phone and wallet. it is called 2UNFOLD for good reasons. in unfolded form, it can be a briefcase, should bag or backpack. fold it up and it turns into a courier bag (aka messenger bag) or a clutch bag. Continue reading Hard Graft 2UNFOLD laptop bag & iPhone 4 Phone Fold Wallet