LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Features A Specially Designed Technic Piece

LEGO motorcycle set is rare. Even more rare is an official collaboration between a bike maker and the world famous toy maker, but here it is, the LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure – the first ever LEGO Technic model made with involvement from a motorcycle maker and in this case, it is, of […]

Good News! Amazon Just Dropped LEGO UCS Sandcrawler Priced By 21%

I know. It is still pricey. LEGO, in general, is pricey on any given day, but a UCS, or Ultimate Collector Series, price drop is a significant news since UCS usually cost a lot more and that’s not to mention a discount like such on UCS sets is rarer then hen’s teeth. That said, if […]

This LEGO VW Golf Mk1 GTI Deserves To Be Made Into An Official Set

Just when we thought Ozzyeatingbats’ LEGO Ideas contender, the Jaguar E-Type Roadster, rivals LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS, in comes another LEGO Ideas contender that could the LEGO Technic set a run for its money and it should totally be made into an official set. This one here, a VW Golf Mk1 GTI, created […]

This Concept LEGO Shopping Bag Will Turn Your Hand Into A LEGO Hand

You know what’s the most brilliant to happen in the world of shopping bags? THIS. A LEGO shopping bag with a pair of hands from LEGO minifigs integrated to it. Little is known about this wonderful creation, but one thing for sure, LEGO did not created this. According to our source, it was the work […]

LEGO UCS Tie Fighter Turned Into UCS Tie Interceptor Is Beyond Awesome

When it comes LEGO UCS (Ultimate Collector’s Series) Star Wars, they are pretty much as good as any LEGO Star Wars can get, but not all are without flaws. Personally, I have quite a handful of LEGO UCS Star Wars, which I am cool with, but not to imgur user jazzbass’s son. Starting with a […]

First Wearable LEGO Dress Is Star Wars-Themed, Weighs A Hefty 25 lbs

We know how versatile LEGO bricks are. We know it can even made into wearables, like a cyborg arm, but what about a dress? Seemingly impossible, isn’t it? Actually not quite. Ashley Eckstein, the voice behind Star Wars Ahsoka Tano, unveiled one such LEGO dress back in July at the San Diego Comic-Con. The dress, […]

Braille Skateboard Put A Custom-made LEGO Skateboard To The Test

Given the versatility of the world’s most famous brick, it is totally possible to build a skateboard out of LEGO bricks, but the question is: can it be used? Well, one man is going to find when he built one and lets skateboarding how-to channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding, have a go with it. Timmy […]

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle Gets Immortalized In LEGO Bricks

Arguably one of the most iconic structures in our lifetime, The Disney Castle finally gets immortalized in LEGO bricks. The LEGO 71040 The Disney Castle announced recently is made up of a whopping 4,080 pieces and comes with five delightful (or not, depending on your inclination) minifigs of equally iconic characters, including Donald Duck, Daisy […]

Digitally Rendered LEGO Transformers T-Rex Grimlock Have To Be Made!

LEGO Digital Designer has come a long way. The last time I used it, I thought simple LEGO set is all it can do and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea it is capable of building exceedingly complex projects such as the one you see here, the T-Rex Grimlock, the leader of the […]

LEGO Surf-themed 60s Volkswagen Beetle Makes Us Want To Hit The Waves

While hippies of the 60s and 70s hit up rock concerts, consumed countless amount of LSDs, there were a bunch who chose to hit the beach and takes on the waves with their trusty surfboards and this LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle is a recreation of the iconic ride which some of those adrenalin junkies hit […]