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cool stuff: audio book reading life-size LEGO Space Helmet

(image credit: Jonathan Robson)

now, here’s a concept that all LEGO-loving earthlings would wish to have. designer Jonathan Robson conceived this life-size minifig LEGO Space Helmet that plays downloadable audio tracks for comics. the inside of this helmet with gold visor is padded and acts as a headset for listening to the audio. of course, the child could also role play with this helmet too. Continue reading cool stuff: audio book reading life-size LEGO Space Helmet

Cary Norton created this 4×5 camera out of LEGO bricks

Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 544x488px
(credit: Cary Norton)

Cary Norton created this 4×5 camera entirely with LEGO bricks, except for, of course, the lens and the ground glass. if those two items were available from LEGO, i bet he would use them too. the project started way back 2009 and after a long hiatus, it is finally completed now. Cary’s LEGO 4×5 camera measures about 7 x 6.5 x 7 inches and has a 127mm F4.7 lens which he grab off the eBay. Cary called this current 4×5 the Legotron Mark I and envision to be creating a Mark II in future.

check out more images of Cary’s Legotron after the break.

images horizontal 544x38px

Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px

Cary Norton via DVICE

LEGO Lunchbox 8 lets you lunch in (LEGO) style

Plast Team LEGO Lunchbox 8 544x538px
(credit: Plast Team) LEGO Lunchbox 8 | about £9.90 | www.lego.com

if you are still packing lunch to work or school, here is a fun way to do it: pack them into this fun LEGO Lunchbox. this oversized eight-stud brick is made to safely store almost any food, except for minestrone (i.e. soup). made from polypropylene (PP), the LEGO Lunchbox measures 20 x 10 x 7.5 centimeters and it’s worth noting that this is not a knock-off product, it is an officially licensed LEGO product manufactured by storage specialist, Plast Team. available in host of colors, including our favorite red. the LEGO Lunchbox 8 retails for £$9.90 (or US$16) and is available on both Amazon UK and Firebox.

Plast Team LEGO Lunchbox 8 544x488px
(credit: Plast Team)

cool stuff: LEGO Technic Forklift turned into an iPad stand

Lego Forklift iPad Stand by Dean Loh 544x408px
(image credit: Dean Loh)

i can’t believe i actually missed out this in my posting *duh* this awesome custom iPad stand was made out from a ‘8416 LEGO Technic Forklift’ set which i thought it look pretty neat. only lovers of LEGO and iPad will go to such length to customize a stand like this or perhaps, the lack of proper stand during that time. the latter was the reason why Singaporean Dean Loh did this stand. being one of the early adopter of the Apple iPad in Singapore (around June 2010), there was a lack of stand for the iPad (in Singapore) and he decided to make one LEGO iPad stand for himself, taking inspiration from those who has done so before him.

Loh’s LEGO iPad stand’s tilt angle is adjustable via a lever at the stand’s back. the stand also features a holder for sync cable at the back which allows the iPad to be synced and charged while standing vertically on the Forklift, i mean, the stand. oh, the stand also incorporates a stylus holder upfront. very nice. for more information, check out Loh’s website.

deanloh.org via Legostand.com

Oscar Best Picture nominees movie posters just got bricked

Oscar Best Picture Nominees Movie Posters LEGO-style 544x374px
(image credit: CCC via 9GAG)

when it comes to movie posters, there is nothing like one that’s done in LEGO style. call it a spoof or whatever, these are posters of the ten Oscar nominees for Best Picture presented in awesome LEGO-style. starring… minifigures, who else? my personal favorite would be 127 HOURS, cos’ that’s the only one that shows the bricks. i’m such a traditionalist. no bricks, not a LEGO. sure, minifigs are LEGO too but there aren’t truly complete without the good’ol bricks. hit the jump and check out the rest of the posters. despite me being pro-bricks, they are still awesome works! Continue reading Oscar Best Picture nominees movie posters just got bricked

HELLO-Q lets you extend your love for LEGO to your PC

Coobeeo Hello-Q ATX PC Case main 544x468px
(image credit: Coobeeo) Coobeeo HELLO-Q PC Case | US$tbc | www.coobeeo.com.tw

if you are still contemplating on building a LEGO PC case, here’s one case that might saves you the adventure. just announced by Coobeeo Technology Co., Ltd, a Taiwan-based PC case manufacturer, is a LEGO-inspired PC case dubbed the HELLO-Q. measuring 450 x 200 x 410 mm, this novel PC case has a studded faceplate that allows user have LEGO-like fun on it, such as forming up of words or even creating a holder for your stationery. i don’t think you be using this in the office, but if you do, you can put words like ‘i hate you, boss’ or sort. aside the studded face, the faceplate includes a pair of USB port and the standard audio jacks. the case is design to fit ATX or micro ATX mainboard and will comes in four flavor of colors, namely, black, pink, baby blue and white.

no words on its pricing and availability but it sure helps if you have contacts over in Taiwan who can help to snoop this baby out. looks cool but we prefer to have studs all round the case, not just the faceplate.

Coobeeo Hello-Q PC Case main2 544x468px
(image credit: Coobeeo) quick customization such as stationery holder or form words on the PC faceplate

Coobeeo via Akihabara News

Creationary definition: when LEGO meets Pictionary

LEGO Creationary main 544px
(image credit: LEGO) LEGO Creationary | US$34.99 | www.lego.com

if you love LEGO like i do and love Pictionary, you will love Creationary. as the name suggests, players create things for others to guess, instead of fiddling with play-doh or doodling with pencil and paper. hmmm, wouldn’t that take quite a longer time? players will have the opportunity to build from four categories: vehicles, buildings, nature and things. designed for three to eight players, LEGO Creationary comes completed with one buildable LEGO dice, 1 LEGO minifigure (affectionately known as minifig), 1 LEGO microfigure (micro???), 96 cards and 1 rule book.

excellent for an hour of fun with family and friends. i hope Death Star isn’t part of the to-build list though. sounds like whole lot of fun to me. the LEGO Creationary retails for $34.99 and is available at the LEGO web store. i hate to sound like i’m a ambassador for Creationary, but it is a fact that i am so wanting this.

images horizontal 544x38px

LEGO Creationary image1 560px LEGO Creationary image2 560px

via Oh Gizmo!

BrickCase4 lets you brick you iPhone, in a fun way

SmallWorks BrickCase4 544x311px
(image credit: SmallWorks) SmallWorks BrickCase4 | US$19.90 | www.smallworks.com

Lego fans (me included) will love this ‘Lego-compatible’ case from SmallWorks that has studs on its back (and two on top) for fans to don their iPhone with their favorite Danish bricks. it is a proper iPhone case, complete with cut-outs for camera/flash, volume, power on/off et cetera. although the cut-out for camera/flash does looks a little awkward, but what do we care as long as it works.

the BrickCase4 comes in choice of clear, white or black and retails for $19.90 on Amazon. time to gather some loose Lego bricks and let you imagination take the lead.


Terminator T-800 bust constructed out of Lego bricks

Martin Latta Lego Terminator T800 bust img1 544px
(image credit: Martin Latta)

the wonder of Lego bricks is limited only by our imagination. Martin Latta is definitely one guy huge in imagination and creativity. don’t believe? just check out his creation of the Terminator T800 bust constructed entirely out of Lego pieces. simply awesome. to add to the authenticity, it has LED lit eyes too. just check out the base! it’s such a beauty! Continue reading Terminator T-800 bust constructed out of Lego bricks

LEGO in action with Intel Labs Seattle Interactive Projection Systems

Intel Labs Settle OASIS screenshot 544px
(screenshot by mike from Intel Labs OASIS video)

Intel Labs Seattle has been toying with a series of techniques and Kinect-style depth cameras. among them is something called Object Aware Situated Interaction System or OASIS. what it does is combining depth cameras with micro-projectors to enable recognition, tracking of objects and gestures. two videos were showcased using this development and the LEGO playing scenario definitely catches my eye.

the system recognizes objects that are place on a table and introduce special effects relating to it via the micro-projectors. in this particular example, when a LEGO dragon is placed on the table, the system recognized it and relates fire throwing and breathing with the beast, and projects an animated image of fire spitting out from the dragon. put a LEGO house on the table, the system projects a road in front of the house, add the dragon facing the house, the system generates the same fire spitting animation and sets the house on fire. time to put out the fire before it burns the house down. rope in a LEGO fire engine, again, the system recognizes it and projects animated water onto the LEGO house, thus putting out the fire. clever.

the OASIS has thus, makes imagination a think of the past when playing with LEGO. however, i thought this system would be great for puppetry-like story telling for children where the system plays out the additional animated visuals to aid the story telling when toys are used. on a second thought, would this predetermine scenario hampers a child’s imagination? or maybe adding a mind-reading/control device which translates the child’s thought into animated sequences? scary thoughts but it should at least encourage imagination in a child.

admittedly, i was totally captivated by OASIS (the LEGO scenario, to be specific) and can’t stop thinking about its potential. if only if the projections are in holographic 3D….

check out the video below. trust me, you won’t want to miss this.