Custom Toilet Gaming PC Is Perfect For A Game Of CS While Taking A Dump

As impressive as some custom PC builds were, most of them are not radical like, say, the aquarium PC. Well, that’s until recently when the YouTube channel Basically Homeless did the unimaginable: turning a toilet tank into a functional gaming PC while retaining its ability to flush. While the toilet remains totally functional, how well …

This Pod Is A Standing Nap Box For Workers In Japan To Take Nap… Standing

For a country that has some of the longest working hours in the world, Japan sure knows a thing or two about office furniture. However, you’d be surprised, sleep pods like those found in NASA, Samsung, and Google are far from common for a culture where long working hours are expected. Workers have to take …

Scanning The QR Code On This Mask Will Reveal The Lower Face Of The Wearer

Marina Fujiwara (藤原麻里菜) is a Japanese inventor who is somewhat of a cross between Simone Giertz and Matty Benedetto because her inventions are both useless and hilarious. Her latest creation is not quite useless, though. It is not quite an invention either. It’s just a regular reusable mask with a QR code right smack in …

New Limited Edition TUBBZ Cosplay Ducks Include Shirt-less Dr. Ian Malcom

The lovable cosplay (rubber) ducky from Numskull, TUBBZ, has a new limited edition collection. The latest to join the 3,000 limited run collection are J-pop icon, Snow Hatsune Miku, a Japanese VOCALOID, and three Star Trek duck doppelgangers: Khan, Scotty, and Klingon.

Turn Heads At The Pool This Summer With Jeans Speedo, Denim Print Swim Brief

Summer is officially on and for folks who are thinking about how to turn heads at the pools or beaches, here’s a pair of swimming briefs that will let you do just that. Wait. Swim brief is still a thing, right? Never mind if it isn’t because “Jeado” will make it a thing again.