Microsoft “Infiltrates” iOS and Android With A Couple Of New Apps

Microsoft may not be as glorious as it was more than a couple of decade ago, but the truth is, most people’s work lives depend on it and therefore it is safe to say it will not go out of fashion in foreseeable future. The number pretty speaks for itself: 1.25 billion. That’s how many […]

Custom Xbox One S With Matching Nike Sneakers Was Given Away In Germany

Even Pizza con is a thing and therefore the existence of a sneaker convention shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. For those who have been living under a rock (yours truly, included), yes, sneaker convention is real, but that’s not what we are here for. We are here for something that popped up during one such […]

Microsoft Project Scorpio Is Now Officially Xbox One X

Good news, fans of Xbox. The much anticipated Project Scorpion is now officially known as Xbox One X and it will be available starting November 7, 2017, priced at $499.99. Billed as the world’s most powerful console, Microsoft’s new flagship console is said to be “40 percent more power than any console,” promising to offer […]

There’s No Microsoft Surface Pro 5, It Is Just The New Surface Pro

There are so many laptop options out there that sometimes, we find it pointless to tell you that there’s another new one out there. But we heard there’s a new Microsoft Surface Pro and we also read that it is pretty dope in both performance and the look department. Anyways, if you are still expecting […]

Microsoft New Surface Laptop Announced, Has Alcantara In The Mix

We love how Apple and later, Samsung and LG, made the gadget world more beautiful. Without them, we wouldn’t have expect Microsoft to pull the socks in the design department. The latest of Microsoft’s effort can be seen in the new Microsoft Surface Laptop. Sporting a clean, elegant design, this sleek portable computing device comes […]

Microsoft Project Scorpio’s ‘Pre-order’ Is Live, But No Pre-ordering Yet

Microsoft must be dying to show off its next-generation game console, codename Project Scorpio. Why? Because, the software giant already had a pre-order page put up on its online store since two weeks ago. However, it is not quite a pre-order page per se, it is more like ‘hey guys, you know our next-gen game […]

Forza 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Gets Custom Livery To Mark Xbox 15 Years

Forza fans take note. Microsoft and Forza is celebrating Xbox 15th anniversary with a couple of goodies for you. For starter, all players will receive a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor draped in a custom livery celebrating Xbox’s 15 years – that’s the virtual truck you see above. Pretty dope, right? And why wouldn’t it be? […]

Microsoft’s “Meticulously Crafted” All-In-One PC Is A Remarkable Beauty

If you are total sucker for beautiful gadgets like me, I am sure the newly announced Microsoft Surface Studio is sure give a serious tech orgasm. And I am not even kidding. Like its mobile counterpart, the Microsoft Surface Studio is super thin – in fact, it is so thin that it is fall straight […]

Gamers Broke World Record, Drove Virtual Ford GT For Over 48 Hours

The fame and fortune that comes with a prestigious racing event like the LeMans 24 may not be as awesome as those enjoyed by Formula 1 race drivers, but it is by no means less gruelling. In fact, it could be worst. Having just two or three drivers to endure a day of non-stop driving […]

Microsoft Unveils Slim Xbox One And ‘Most Powerful Console Ever Created’

Apple didn’t excite us with new hardware today, but Microsoft’s Xbox sure did. The slimmer Xbox One that leaked is now official. In fact, it was made official just hours after our post. Officially dubbed Xbox One S, this new game console has a lot to be proud of, including the obvious like a slimmer […]