Microsoft Project Scorpio’s ‘Pre-order’ Is Live, But No Pre-ordering Yet

Microsoft must be dying to show off its next-generation game console, codename Project Scorpio. Why? Because, the software giant already had a pre-order page put up on its online store since two weeks ago. However, it is not quite a pre-order page per se, it is more like ‘hey guys, you know our next-gen game […]

Forza 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Gets Custom Livery To Mark Xbox 15 Years

Forza fans take note. Microsoft and Forza is celebrating Xbox 15th anniversary with a couple of goodies for you. For starter, all players will receive a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor draped in a custom livery celebrating Xbox’s 15 years – that’s the virtual truck you see above. Pretty dope, right? And why wouldn’t it be? […]

Microsoft’s “Meticulously Crafted” All-In-One PC Is A Remarkable Beauty

If you are total sucker for beautiful gadgets like me, I am sure the newly announced Microsoft Surface Studio is sure give a serious tech orgasm. And I am not even kidding. Like its mobile counterpart, the Microsoft Surface Studio is super thin – in fact, it is so thin that it is fall straight […]

Gamers Broke World Record, Drove Virtual Ford GT For Over 48 Hours

The fame and fortune that comes with a prestigious racing event like the LeMans 24 may not be as awesome as those enjoyed by Formula 1 race drivers, but it is by no means less gruelling. In fact, it could be worst. Having just two or three drivers to endure a day of non-stop driving […]

Microsoft Unveils Slim Xbox One And ‘Most Powerful Console Ever Created’

Apple didn’t excite us with new hardware today, but Microsoft’s Xbox sure did. The slimmer Xbox One that leaked is now official. In fact, it was made official just hours after our post. Officially dubbed Xbox One S, this new game console has a lot to be proud of, including the obvious like a slimmer […]

New 40% Smaller Xbox One Leaked Ahead Of E3, Looks A Little PS4-ish

If the immense thickness and the lack of 4K and HDR on the Xbox One are stopping you from getting one, then hold your breath out for the slimmer version. E3 kicks off tomorrow, but already the Internet is flooded with leaks of the new Xbox One, a product which is no doubt aimed at […]

Microsoft Wants Smartphone to Become PC with its new Flagship Windows 10 Phones

Can’t get enough of Windows 10 devices? Well, then here’s a few handsets that will certainly tickle your fancy. During the recent Microsoft mega event, the Redmond company has also unveiled two flagship Windows 10 phones, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, along with yet another budget phone, Lumia 550. The flagships are the […]

Are You Ready For the First Ever Microsoft-built Laptop and the New-Generation Surface Pro?

After much anticipation (or not), Microsoft has finally unveiled a slew of Windows 10 devices, which includes the new-gen slate/laptop hybrid (Surface Pro 4), the company’s first laptop, Surface Book, and a couple of Microsoft-branded Lumia smartphones. Let’s start off with the Surface Pro since most of us are pretty familiar with. The fourth iteration […]

Infographic: The History of Windows in One Awesome Graphic

Being a person who started out mucking around with computers in Windows environment, it is natural that I have always wanted to write about the history of the world’s most successful operating system, more so now it is on its 30th year and its newest version, Windows 10, is around the horizon. But to do […]

Microsoft’s HoloLens Is The Closest You Will Get To Tony Stark’s Hologram Computer For Now

Besides revealing the brand new OS during the January 21st event, tech giant Microsoft also dished out two hardwares, which kind surprises most folks. They are a holographic eyewear dubbed HoloLens and a big-ass 84-inch 4K all-in-one (more like a TV set, really). The former is one that really shines, despite the influx of video […]