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Steampunk computers and peripherals that money can buy

Old Time Computer 544x388px
(credit: Kirk DuQuette)

rejoice for all steampunk lovers! i bet you are gonna love Kirk DuQuette for what he has done to the 21st century gadgets that we all love so dearly. Kirk is the brain behind a bunch of creative steampunked modern gadgets that ranges from personal computers to peripherals such as keyboards, to iPad/iPod docks. i am sure most of us known what steampunk is. no? basically, “steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and speculative fiction, frequently featuring elements of fantasy.” steampunk is closely associated with the rustic vintage look, gears and cogs, and the heavy use of brass elements. Continue reading Steampunk computers and peripherals that money can buy

Genius ring mouse: mouse control with your thumb

Genius Ring Mouse 544x388px
(credit: Genius) Genius Wireless Thumb Cursor Controller | US$69.99 | www.geniusnet.com.tw

if you think the tiny SWIFTPOINT mouse we featured earlier here isn’t small enough for you, check out this new ring-like mouse from Genius. dubbed the Wireless Thumb Cursor Controller, clicks and navigations are done using the user thumb. measuring a tiny 29.3 x 33.7 x 32 millimeters and weighing just 12 grams, this ring mouse connects to your computer via 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity with a range around 10 meters. Continue reading Genius ring mouse: mouse control with your thumb

Felt Mouse is cool but not for the those with sweaty palms

Felt Mouse 544x320px
(credit: Joey Roth)

this is one designer mouse that defies ergonomic. while mouse makers are cracking their heads on how to make your palm feel more comfy using their mice, Joey Roth goes the way: an absolutely square edged, rectangle mouse that’s wrapped in felt. in the world where manufacturers are pushing ergonomic in mice to us, it nice to see one that challenge the conventional. though i have some concern about the felt which could pose a problem for those with sweaty palms, not to mention the dirt and grimes that are going to stick to the felt. Continue reading Felt Mouse is cool but not for the those with sweaty palms

Steampunk mouse is what Doctor Evil will use

Steampunk Mouse 544x388px
(credit: Peter Balch) Steampunk Mouse | US$ASK | www.peterbalch.btinternet.co.uk

your computer mouse won’t have a brain like Peter Balch’s steampunk mouse, literally. there is something (unexplainable) about Balch’s Steampunk Mouse that have us ogling all over it and at the same time, giving us a sense of creepiness. perhaps, it is the realistic brain formed out of FIMO modeling material enclosed within a Victoria gas mantle that gives us the creeps. in any case, the steampunk mouse is definitely a work of art and you can make one yourself with Balch’s brief instruction on his website. however, if you are not technically inclined then Balch is more than happy to make one for you at a price. Continue reading Steampunk mouse is what Doctor Evil will use

The Magic Charger wirelessly charges your Magic Mouse

Mobee Technology The Magic Charger 544x288px
(credit: Mobee) The Magic Charger | US$49.90 | www.mobeetechnology.com

the problem with using a wireless mouse is the constant need to change batteries. this is especially true for Apple’s Magic Mouse, which would require a quarterly refreshing of batteries (depending on usage). it is a hassle and not to mention, it is environmentally unfriendly. one alternative is to use rechargeable batteries, which i did but the downer is, standard rechargeable takes significantly long time to charge, which means you will need to have two sets of those batteries to do the rotation.

Mobee Technology’s The Magic Charger solves this switching of batteries issue by the use of inductive charging. simply replace the batteries and battery compartment cover of the Magic Mouse with the Magic Charger item, and charging will start once the mouse is placed on the base station. the base station is USB powered so there will be no worry about wall outlet availability. a full charge takes 6 hours which gives the Magic Mouse enough juice to last up to 6 days. not exactly the kind of duration that we were expecting but it is a trade off for the convenience, besides you don’t ever need to do the whole changing batteries ritual. well, at least until its rated 500 cycles are up.

The Magic Charger cost $49.90 a pop and is available on Mobee Technology web store.

Mobee Technology The Magic Charger 544x328px
(credit: Mobee)

evoMouse turns almost any flat surface into a virtual trackpad

evoMouse 544x311px
(image credit: Celluon) evoMouse | US$tbc | www.celluon.com

we are familiar with virtual keyboard, how about adding a virtual trackpad to the collection? Celluon, the Korea-based maker of portable input devices, has a new device that will turn almost any flat surface into a virtual trackpad. dubbed the evoMouse, this cute animal-looking device, projects a virtual trackpad on a flat surface and you can use it just like you would with a physical trackpad.

using your fingers, you can control the cursor, click and select, double-click, right-click and drag with basic hand gestures. the evoMouse is multi-touch ready, users can scroll, rotate, zoom, forward, back and it can even used for handwriting recognition with either your finger or a pen. touted as an easy to set up device, the evoMouse can connect to almost desktop or laptop via Bluetooth or the standard USB port. connection via USB port also charges the device with is good for two hours of usage on a single full charge.

sensing technology is making headway in computing and making devices even more portable. the evoMouse small footprint means ultra-portability and space saving on table top. pricing and availability of the evoMouse has yet to be announced but we are keeping watch as we can’t wait to test it out ourself.

images horizontal 544x38px

evoMouse 640x360px evoMouse 640x360px evoMouse 640x360px

Celluon via Gizmag

SWIFTPOINT mouse: table and mousepad not required

SwiftPoint Mouse main 544x500px
(image credit: SwiftPoint) SWIFTPOINT Mouse | U$69.00 | futuremouse.com

anyone who uses a laptop would understand the frustration with trackpad even the much intuitive Apple’s trackpad does little to relief this eternal frustration. countering this, the market is swarmed with laptop-friendly mouse (read: smaller) – with Microsoft and Logitech being the forerunner in the market. even with a small mouse, you will inevitably requires a table space to manipulate it and worst, what if you don’t have a mousepad and the table is of glass? gosh. fret not. you will always have SwiftPoint, an ingeniously designed mouse that lets you manipulate your cursor right on the palm rest of your laptop.

instead of resting your hand over the mouse, you need only your fingers to operate SwiftPoint, just like you would holding a pen. SwiftPoint is wireless and requires no software installation, which makes it usable across any platform. all you need is to plug in the accompanying micro USB dock/receiver, and you are good to go. aside from the usual left/right clickers and scroll wheel, user can tilt the mouse to scroll through documents or zoom-in and out et cetera. there’s no batteries to fumble about, cos’ the SwiftPoint is rechargeable via the micro USB dock/receiver and in the rapid charge mode, it will juice up the SwiftPoint with an hour of battery life in just 30 seconds. on a full charge (which takes 90 minutes), the SwiftPoint will last between 2-3 weeks.

the SwiftPoint boost a precise 1000dpi micro optical technology and has built-in sensor to detect if your finger is on it, thus minimizing stray movement of cursor when the mouse accidentally pushed. it also comes with a parking accessory, which is basically an adhesive film with a small magnetic parking area that secures the mouse in place whilst typing. the SwiftPoint retails for $69.00 and is available via SwiftPoint web store.

images horizontal 544x38px

SwiftPoint Mouse image1 600x600px SwiftPoint Mouse image2 600x600px SwiftPoint Mouse image3 600x600px SwiftPoint Mouse image4 640x460px SwiftPoint Mouse image5 640x460px SwiftPoint Mouse image6 640x460px

Thanko Warming Mouse keeps your hand warm while you work

Thanko Warming Mouse 544px
(image credit: GeekStuff4u) Thanko Warming Mouse | ¥2,900.00 | www.geekstuff4u.com

this winter, you don’t have suffer from cold hands while working on your computer. at least not if you’re using the Thanko Warming Mouse. well, you can choose to wear gloves while using your standard mouse but you won’t feel your mouse a bit. so i guess, a naked hand is still the way to go to handle a mouse.

basically, this is a real working computer mouse which warm your hands at the same time. connection to your comp is via an USB cable and user can choose between two warming modes. you expect up to 46 degrees of warming that will enable you continue working on your computer without having cold hands. though you will need to hold the mouse with both hands if you want to get both your hands warm. kind of awkward if you try to move the mouse with both hands.

sci-fi looking TRON Gaming Mouse Designed by Razer

Razer TRON Gaming Mouse - rear angled view 544px
(image credit: Razer) TRON Gaming Mouse Designed by Razer | US$99.99 | www.razerzone.com

if you feel all grown up and the toy TRON Zero G Light Cycle isn’t your cup of tea then the TRON Gaming Mouse might be an alternative for fans of TRON. video games and other product movie tie-ins are not uncommon but not a common thing for gaming peripherals.

TRON Gaming Mouse features 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor and an ambidextrous design which is both left and right hand-friendly. of course, there’s the ‘compulsory’ iconic blue lights trickling all over the mouse. other features include light and sound effects at startup and shutdown, lighting alerts, seven Hyperesponse buttons, ultrapolling and the now-common-to-Razer braided USB cable. Continue reading sci-fi looking TRON Gaming Mouse Designed by Razer

Porsche Design’s USB thumb drives and mouse

before you realize your dream of owning a Porsche (or owning yet another Porsche), get a piece of Porsche lifestyle with these geeky stuff from Porsche Design…

Porsche 911 PC and Mac mouse 544px
(photo source: shop1.porsche.com)
Porsche Design Computer Mouse
thinking of carrying over your need for speed to your desktop? this PC & Mac compatible, 2-button scroll-wheel mouse should do the job. no, not really. it’s not a speeding mouse but rather a mouse that features aluminum scroll-wheel, high-res 2000 dpi sensor and 2.4 GHz technology in the shaped of Porsche 911. or at least you can pretend to be cruising down the ocean drive in the luxury sports car while you are slogging through your daily work. the Porsche Design 911 mouse retails at £42.55 (US$67), which is on the high side considering an average pricing for a wireless mouse is around US$25.

Porsche Car Key thumb drive 544px
(photo source: shop1.porsche.com)
Porsche Design USB Stick (USB Thumb Drive)
take step a further to your Porsche ownership (whether you are or you are not a Porsche owner) by grabbing this 4GB USB thumb drive, in form of a Porsche sports car vehicle key. it will work with most operating system, like most thumb drives do. it also works with Porsche Communication Management system. er… what’s that?… ok. it’s obvious i’m not a Porsche owner. the Porsche USB stick retails at £22.98 (US$36), again a more expensive option to ordinary brand thumb drives. but a small price to pay for a dream (almost) comes true. start fantasizing about starting up the Porsche sports car whenever you plug in this thumb drive into you PC, just don’t try to crank the thumb drive.

Porsche Panamera Car Key thumb drive 544px
(photo source: shop1.porsche.com)
Porsche Design Panamera USB Stick (USB Thumb Drive)
if Panamera is your kind of thing. there’s also a Panamera car key USB stick, which would be my personal choice. i have always liked the Porsche Panamera, regardless of what critics said. capacity is 4GB on this Panemera USB stick and there’s a sliding mechanism to extend and retract the stick. sneaky. with the USB retracted, it certainly looked like an actual Porsche Panamera car key. just make sure you don’t grab the wrong ‘key’ for your Panamera on your way out. as with the Porsche USB stick, it will work with most operating system and the Porsche Communication Management system. owning a Panamera stick is slightly dearer at £24.68 (US$39). design is nice but i hope Porsche Design would understand that 4GB is so over these days and minimum capacity would 8GB.

visit Porsche Design Driver’s Selection.