Airbus Successfully Demoed Parcel Delivery Drone With NUS

The future of small parcel delivery is no doubt from up above. Amazon has been working hard to realize this and even go as far as pushing a pilot in UK. Several other companies, including DHL, has also embarked on the same path and in the case of DHL, an unmanned drone was used to […]

Some Guys Built A Manned Flying Bathtub, Flew It To Buy A Bread

There are YouTubers who love to take risks and then there are YouTubers who take risks with things they have made. Germany YouTubers, The Real Life Guys, belongs to the latter, which kind of made them super cool. Super cool because, they have made a working submarine, design and built a variety of flying contraptions, […]

Manned Flight Of A 76-Motor Multicopter Is Simply Mind-blowing

We have not been tracking the scary yet cool manned multicopter flight for a while. A year on, it has transitioned from an intimidating flying contraption into something a lot less scarier. However, it does not mean it is any less dangerous; it still is and so, unless you know what you are doing, do […]

Why Fold The Drone When It Can Be Made Inflatable? Yes, Seriously.

At this point, it is hard not to acknowledge that drone is perhaps the greatest creation in recent times. Thanks to its ability to vertical lift and hover, it has a lot more than capturing breathtaking aerial images. But regardless of its applications, all of them are plagued by the same flaws: breakage and water. […]

How To Sell A $20K Camera: By Selling It With A $20K Drone

You must be wondering who in the world would do that? Well, apparently, Canon Japan is doing just that. But no, Canon Japan did not actually made the drone. According to a report, the drone is developed by a Japanese drone maker called ProDrone which Canon has invested back in 2016. ProDrone, if your recall, […]

How DJI Revolutionized Agricultural Industry With This Drone

Drone has certainly changed the world drastically. It changes the way we take aerial images (in the process, making to-hire helicopters and telescopic booms obsolete) and lets ordinary folks reach out to places previously unaccessible to do things like building inspection, disaster area observation and whatnot. To say that a drone changed the way we […]

This Is How You Get Rid Of Trash On Power Lines: Burn’em Up With A Drone

Like the Internet, drone is the best and worst thing to happen in modern history. We have fun with it. We took awesome images with it and we also use it to inspect out-of-reach places, et cetera, but on the flip side, this brilliant invention of modern history has some more sinister applications too – […]

Ehang’s Human-carrying Drone Is Set To Ply Dubai’s Sky This Summer

Ehang 184, the ambitious oversized eight-rotor drone from China introduced at last year’s CES, is reportedly kicking off “regular operations” around Dubai’s sky in July 2017. In fact, according to a report by AP, Ehang 184 has been taking to the skies around Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab skyscraper which, of course, has a helipad for it […]

Nothing Much, It Is Just Casey Neistat Being Hauled Into The Air By A Drone

That’s not Santa Claus, though that did took place in Finland and aptly, in a small village where real-life Santa lives. It is just YouTube celebrity and filmmaker Casey Neistat in Santa getup, who instead of riding a sleigh pulled by Rudolf and friends, he had a snowboard and a giant-ass drone. When we said […]

Domino’s Pizza DRU Drone Made First Pizza Delivery In New Zealand

If there’s one thing Domino’s is known for besides pizzas, it would be the company’s relentless pursue of improving pizza delivery. In addition to specially customized delivery vehicles, exploring the possibly of autonomous robot deliveries and one-click order-to-delivery, it has now made the world’s first pizza delivery by a drone to real customers living in […]