There are YouTubers who love to take risks and then there are YouTubers who take risks with things they have made. Germany YouTubers, The Real Life Guys, belongs to the latter, which kind of made them super cool. Super cool because, they have made a working submarine, design and built a variety of flying contraptions, including manned ones, and made a bathtub fly. The last one is especially cool because, it is actually a manned drone, which kind of makes it an aircraft.

Though, the pilot is just the pilot’ he wasn’t bathing or anything like that. Obviously, cos’ bathing with all the safety gear on would be quite a challenge. Basically, the Flying Bathtub Manned Drone is a huge ass drone (bathtub-sized, to be precise) with the operator in it. One of The Real Life Guys even piloted it to a local neighborhood store buy something before heading back home, skipping all the ground based traffic along the way. But I not am 100 percent sure if he did make it back flying because, the video ended as the pilot had the bathtub lifted.

Anyways, whatever the case may be, it was just as cool. Granted, it is not as safe because, unlike real helicopters, it does not have auto-rotation to save it from falling out of the sky, and the obvious open rotors remain a threat to humans’ delicate skin. Also, it was bloody damn noisy! Anyways, we are also impressed that the battery packs can even make it to the store to begin with.

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Skip ahead and have a look at the said video. After that, you may also want to check out the final test flight video which you can find embedded further down the post.

Image: YouTube.

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