Star Wars Headspace 10-inch Vinyl Single Features Psychedelic Images

Good news, electronic music-loving, Star Wars fans who also happen to have a deep love for vinyl records. Disney Music Group will be launching a new vinyl single at the Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016, happening on July 15-17 at the ExCeL London Exhibition Centre, Celebration. The Star Wars Headspace 10-inch vinyl single, a Hollywood […]

Aliens Soundtrack Vinyl Record Is Filled With “Xenomorph Blood”

If you don’t already know, April 26 (4/26) was the designated “Alien Day” and this day wasn’t choose by the virtue of the planet number LV-426 featured in the first two Aliens movies. “Alien Day” is certainly not as huge of thing as Back to the Future or Star Wars day, but it certainly has […]

50 Years Of Doctor Who Music Packed Into A Set Of Metallic Silver Vinyl

Though Doctor Who has been around for ages, the series’ soundtrack is not a much talked about thing. I guess the sci-fi theme and actions just overtook it, but there’s no reason the official soundtrack should not be part of any hardcore fans’ Doctor Who shrine. Well, it’s never too late. Instead, spending hours digging […]

It’s Official. Star Wars Is Getting Its Own Electronic Dance Album!

Think Star Wars sound effects and now, imagine electronic music thrown into the mix (or vice versa; it doesn’t really matters). The result is the Star Wars Headspace, a compilation of original dance music littered with familiar Star Wars sound clips and effects like R2-D2 bleeps, C-3PO favorite rant “How typical..,” Wookiee’s roar and Darth […]

Off The Wall: Michael Jackson’s Original Album And Documentary CD/DVD Goes On Sale Feb 26

Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Legacy Recordings has come together to release a CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray editions of Michael Jackson’s revolutionary 1979 album, Off The Wall. The bundle comes packed with the original version of Off The Wall, a record that spun numerous chart topping hits, and a new Spike Lee directed documentary entitled […]

Bob Marley & The Wailers – The Complete Island Recordings 11-LP Collection

Universal Music Enterprises is celebrating 70 years of Bob Marley with the release of two new box sets, The Complete Island Recordings and The Complete Island Recordings: Collector’s Edition. Each set contains the reggae legend and The Wailers’ songs pressed onto 180g vinyl, recorded during their stint with Island Records. All told, there are 11 […]

Last of Us Soundtrack Jumps to Vinyl, Features Stunning Artwork by Olly Moss and Jay Shaw

If after slaying hordes of downright hideous fungus-infected zombies in Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us leaves you wanting more of the game’s haunting soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla, then Mondo has good news for you. The brilliant soundtrack is taking the jump into vinyls – 180 gram black vinyl, to be exact – and it […]

Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition Super Deluxe Vinyl Has Just Two Songs, But Packs a Bunch of Extras

this year marks the 30th anniversary of the 1984 cult comedy Ghostbusters and if you are a fan, or just anyone who holds dearly to the rocking 80s, then we think the Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition Super Deluxe Vinyl is a must-have addition to your Ghostbusters hall of fame or 80s pop culture shrine. i […]

First Issue Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

billed as the ‘The Greatest Album of All Time’ by Rolling Stone, the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album is one album that is absolutely hard to come by, let alone one that was autographed by all four members of the band.

Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set Edition

we welcome the digital revolution and embraced digital music files like everyone who has run out of decent storage place for physical CDs (no, attics and basements are not decent places), but there are times where some music deserves a whole lot more than just bits and bytes, such as the French duo Daft Punk‘s latest offering, Random Access Memories