Nestle Japan Is Selling Evangelion-Themed Gold Blend Barista Coffee Machine

The onslaught of Evangelion collaborations continue despite the indefinite delay of the four theatrical release due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the latest to join the Evangelion “fever” is Nestle Japan with the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista i Limited Evangelion Model.

Nestle Toll House Wants You To Eat Cookie Dough Right Out Of The Tub

Have you ever look at cookie dough and felt the urge to gobble it (the cookie dough) down? If you do, then you are in luck. Nestlé Toll House has just revealed, wait for it, Edible Cookie Dough. I kid you not. It is the delicious smelling cookie dough that tempted you every time your […]

The Fourth Natural Flavor Chocolate, Kit Kat Ruby, Ruby Ice Cream And More

With the myriad of Kit Kat flavors, come the myriad of colors, but while eye candy, they are nothing more than coloring, saved for the handful of standard flavors like dark, milk and white chocolate. But all that changes with Kit Kat Ruby Chocolate. At a glance, Kit Kat Ruby Chocolate may be mistaken for […]

Nestle Japan Turned Last Year’s April Fools’ Kit Kat Sushi Into A Real Thing

Kit Kat is a not a Japanese brand, but that has not stop Nestle Japan from turning out strange and exotic varieties of this famous chocolate-coated wafer bar confection to tickle locals’ tastebud. In fact, Kit Kat Japan has so many flavors that any new exotic flavor joining the market would be just another odd […]

Sake-Flavored Kit Kat Gives A Us A Good Reason To Have A Break

In other parts of the world, people eat strange stuff like maggots, termites and stuff. While the Japanese are not all into those exotics, they are quite famous for regular food or snacks with a twist, like for example, chocolate fries. Speaking of Japan and food/snacks with a twist, Kit Kat is perhaps one with […]