Netflix Stranger Things 3: The Game Drops On July 4th, Mobile Game In 2020

You probably have heard it back in March. Netflix is building on the popularity of its original series Stranger Things with video game, or should we say video games. At the recently concluded E3, Netflix put out words that it is going to make video games based on the 80s-themed horror/sci-fi series. There will be […]

Burger King Stranger Things Whopper Is Coming Your Way

I don’t remember Stranger Things had this many collabs last season. Anyways, yes, here’s another Stranger Things collaborations running up to the season 3’s premiere on July 4th, 2019. Following Polaroid Stranger Things Edition OneStep 2, LEGO 75810 Stranger Things set revealed in May and more recently Baskin-Robbins and Nike collaborations, the other U.S. burger […]

Nike Found Its Way Onto The Stranger Things Hype Train

It is absolutely a no brainer for Nike to get onboard the Stranger Things hype train, cos’ after all, the American sports shoe maker’s raise to popularity was arguably in the 80s (and it has NBA to thank, really). So, yes, Nike x Stranger Things Collection is a thing now. Leveraging on the show’s 80s […]

Get In The Stranger Things Season 3 Mood With These Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things Ice Cream

The third season of Stranger Things will arrive next month on Netflix. From now until then, fans can get in the mood, so to speak, by treating themselves to frozen treats from Baskin-Robbins. In this special collaboration between Baskin-Robbins and Netflix, the specialty ice cream chain will be doling out two exclusive Stranger Things-inspired Flavors […]

Seriously, Netflix Is Asking You Not To Get Hurt Doing The ‘Bird Box Challenge’

The age of Internet started out rather harmlessly, but few decades on, it has become kind of dangerous and stupid. The former needs no explanation. As for the latter, it is because of challenges. To be fair, challenges did not start with the Internet; it started after the ice bucket challenge (which, though was for […]

The Entire Neon Genesis Evangelion Series Will Be On Netflix

Do you need Japan’s cult mecha v. aliens series from the 90s, Neon Genesis Evangelion, on Netflix? I am guessing maybe not. I mean, those who wants to watch it, would have watched it, and those who wanted it badly, already own the series and movies on DVD/Blu-Ray. Notwithstanding our believe that the world does […]

Netflix Calibrated TVs Is A Thing And They Are Available With Sony BRAVIA TVs

How many of you here thinks that Netflix is up there in the cinematography arena? I am guessing, not many. Notwithstanding my skepticism and maybe yours too, Sony and Netflix has teamed up to create a Netflix Calibrated Mode for Sony BRAVIA MASTER Series televisions with the sole purpose of ensuring “picture quality preservation according […]

Netflix Promotes Altered Carbon By Growing Human Bodies At CES

The recently concluded world’s biggest electronic was the platform for many who wants their wares to be seen and heard, and Netflix, the streaming TV service, was no exception. In fact, it had more reason to be there, simply because of the theme surrounding its much hyped cyberpunk series, Altered Carbon which it had leveraged […]

DIY Netflix Socks Will Pause The Show When You Fall Asleep

Imagine this: binge-watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix and only to find yourself in the show itself rubbing shoulders with Francis Underwood, which at that point you realized you were dreaming and that’s not good. While it is fun to be rubbing shoulders with Underwood and the cast of House of Cards, it is […]