TAMASHII Lab Young-Hee Doll Action Figure

There have been a couple of toys inspired by Netflix’s Squid Game but the Young-hee doll aka “Red Light, Green Light” doll from the very first game where half of the clueless “participants” were mowed down was never represented. Well, that’s until now.

TAMASHII Lab Young-Hee Doll Action Figure

Folks, meet the TAMASHII Lab Young-Hee Doll. The infamous gigantic doll from the TV series is a Tamashii Web Shop limited item measuring about 250 mm (9.8 inches) tall and it is made from ABS and PVC.

In addition to being sculpted based on TV series, the doll is created by Tamashii Lab which produces high-quality show-accurate toy replicas aimed at collectors.

The doll is articulated and comes with a display pedestal with pegs to ensure it stays standing. It will be supplied with replacement arm parts.

TAMASHII Lab Young-Hee Doll Action Figure

Being show-accurate does not end at the looks department; it features automatic rotation at the neck, powered by a battery-operated motor, and built-in songs and dialogs, thus allowing you to recreate the scene from the first game. And yes, the head does rotate all the way to the back which is creepy as hell. But where’s the fun in that if it doesn’t right? Also, an almost dead tree isn’t included. It really should. Just saying…

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The TAMASHII Lab Young-Hee Doll is available for pre-order in Japan for 11,000 yen (which works out to be around US$81). Fans outside of Japan can pre-order it from toy retailers like Big Bad Toy Store (US$114.99). Shipping is expected to start in January 2023.

TAMASHII Lab Young-Hee Doll Action Figure

In related news, Tamashii Nations’ S.H Figuarts line is also offering up other characters from the show, including the mysterious Front Man, the Masked Soldier, as well as Masked Worker/Masked Manager. Each 145 mm (5.7 inches) tall figure is articulated and comes with three sets of replacement hands.

It is worthy to note that the Masked Worker/Masked Manager is one figure. It has an additional head that let you swap between Masked Worker and Masked Manager. And it only comes with an accessory backpack.

Meanwhile, each Masked Soldier is supplied with a harness, a machine gun, a handgun as well as a coffin paper craft. The Front Man is accompanied by a handgun, a telephone, and a satellite phone.

S.H. Figuarts Squid Game Masked Worker and Masked Manager

The Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Squid Game Masked Soldier (7,700 yen), Front Man (8,250 yen), and Masked Worker/Masked Manager (7,700 yen). Pre-orders are happening now with delivery slated to happen to start in November-December 2022. Now, we wait for a selection of action figures of the clueless participants so fans can complete the scene…

Images: S.H. Figuarts [JP].