The Dark Side’s R2-Q5 Is Now In Your Control With This App-enabled Droid

The mention of Sphero or Orbotix conjures up the image of remote control ball. But in actual fact, Sphero/Orbotix is more than that. It has non-ball remote control toys too, like the crazy awesome Ultimate Lightning McQueen and now, a R2-Q5 too. R2 what? Well, that’s Q5, the R2-like droid that shared much of the […]

Star Wars Episode VII’s BB8 is Not Only Real, But You Can Own it Too

Ever since the adorable ball droid appeared in Star Wars: Force Awakened trailer and the official words that it was in fact not a CGI, it spurred imaginations and set people thinking: “what makes it tick?” But it is not long before folks figured it out and that’s a good thing, cos’ now you can […]

Sphero 2.0

when a cute little robotic ball called Sphero rolled into the market almost two years ago, it literally takes gaming out of your mobile device and into the real world, signifying a new era for augmented reality gaming, but we will be honest with you: we didn’t think remotely rolling a ball around would be fun.